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Tanya Holtland 2

Ghost Tokens: Inumbrating Pinnacle: in Videos

The following videos were all shot at the Ghost Tokens: Inumbrating Pinnacle event series, which I’ve been posting about long enough on here for people to understand, I hope. The videos include all of the readers/performers: Tanya Holtland, Libby Hsu, Arlo Smith, Cooper Smith, Thomas Walton, Paul Nelson, Graham Isaac, Jeanne Morel, Jeremy Springsteed, and

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New Review: The Inventors

A new review: Inventors and Other Poems My new review of The Inventors and Other Poems by René Char (Seagull Books, 2015) is now at Queen Mob’s. Read it and let me know what your thoughts are. Oh, and you should totally buy that book.


Games I’ve played in 2016.

Before now, I’ve only never had a public record of the games I’ve played. Let’s change that. Here you’ll find a running list of every game I’ve played, along with ratings and maybe, eventually, other content. January Spec Ops: The Line (6/10) Divinity: Original Sin (ongoing)


Films I’ve viewed in 2016.

Here comes a list of all the films I’ve viewed in 2016. This list is meant to be exhaustive of my viewing history. Unlike GoodReads, IMDB does not offer an export feature to easily harness the list of reviewed films over a given time span. Thus, this WordPress post! January Pulse 2 (3/10) Pulse 3

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