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Toward Pandemic E-Chapbook Release

Today I have released (via Lone-Byte Press) the first version of a new e-chapbook entitled Toward Pandemic! The book directly confronts the swine flu virus via the US media’s sultry, absurdist jumble that spread like a wildfire throughout the country a couple weeks back from today. I was anticipating the media’s coverage to be just […]

TXT MSSG II Officially Released

Well, we’re off to a great start now that it’s 2009! TXT MSSG II is now available! This new e-chapbook, which features cell-phone-based poetry by writers across the United States, is being made available and delivered straight to your PC by myself and by Lone Byte Press, an independent e-press out of Philadelphia. Click here […]

Poetry Migration and Dust-Covers

A vibratious message to those visiting The Stale: All my newly-crafted poetic works, as well as all the revisions of my dusty old written things, are now, for the time being and perhaps permanently, being posted on the collaborative poetry/culture blog, In Memory of My Feelings, which is moderated by and includes the work of […]

Check the Rear Bytes

Throughout the month of October there has been a surge in poetic cell phone text messages between my friends and I. Though most of the messages have been communications between me and Jeffrey Brennan, who is now living in New York, other friends make appearances. Perhaps there is a psycho/social theory developing in there that […]