Poetry Migration and Dust-Covers


A vibratious message to those visiting The Stale:

All my newly-crafted poetic works, as well as all the revisions of my dusty old written things, are now, for the time being and perhaps permanently, being posted on the collaborative poetry/culture blog, In Memory of My Feelings, which is moderated by and includes the work of one Jeff Brennan. This is better than you think. It is also better than I think.

In addition to the poems concerning urban living that Jeff and I write, you may also stumble upon the work of other young creators, which presently includes a certain Maria Winters, who is attending the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where she conducts great visual and written creativity.

You can also find Alex Ruggeri’s work on this blog. Alex is a teacher in Peabody, Massachusetts, and loves propagating authority, influence, and inspiration. Other contributors may arise as life continues.

And for now, due to time and sanity constraints, PhillyWords, my blog documenting my travels and life in Philadelphia, has a thin digital sheet covering it; I may post there in the future, but there is absolutely no way to maintain it at the moment, so it will remain in storage for an unknown amount of time.


Gregory Bem

PS: Lone-Byte Press is planning to release a series of e-chapbooks in the very near future, which will include a follow-up to TXT MSSG. Stay tuned.