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Toward Pandemic E-Chapbook Release

Swine Pig

Today I have released (via Lone-Byte Press) the first version of a new e-chapbook entitled Toward Pandemic! The book directly confronts the swine flu virus via the US media’s sultry, absurdist jumble that spread like a wildfire throughout the country a couple weeks back from today. I was anticipating the media’s coverage to be just as continuous and alarmingly blase through today and into beyond, but a sensationalist crest was reached and toppled much faster than usual. Nonetheless, some good verse came out of this strictly-found poem sequence.

I hope you enjoy this version and if you don’t, let me know why. Also, you can look for the up and coming “deluxe media version,” called Pandemicist,  down the road. It will hopefully feature audio and video components, along with the original text.

You can download Toward Pandemic! here.

TXT MSSG II Officially Released

Well, we’re off to a great start now that it’s 2009!

TXT MSSG II is now available! This new e-chapbook, which features cell-phone-based poetry by writers across the United States, is being made available and delivered straight to your PC by myself and by Lone Byte Press, an independent e-press out of Philadelphia.

Click here to view the free .pdf file, currently hosted through WordPress. If you would like to download the file for your computer, phone, or e-reader, right click the link and select “save as.”

The 68 pages of poetry and supplemental explanation weighs in at a minimal 175 kb.

This e-chapbook features work by the following six young writers: Gregory Bem, Casey Bracket, Jeffrey Brennan, Tony Petracci, Alexander Ruggeri, and Maria Winters.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about the chapbook at

Also, if you are interested in viewing the first TXT MSSG chapbook, which includes more cell phone poems, as well a critical essay on the relevance of cell-phone-based poetics in 21st century culture, simply click here for the original .pdf file. Click here to see the original post on the first TXT MSSG chapbook.

Poetry Migration and Dust-Covers


A vibratious message to those visiting The Stale:

All my newly-crafted poetic works, as well as all the revisions of my dusty old written things, are now, for the time being and perhaps permanently, being posted on the collaborative poetry/culture blog, In Memory of My Feelings, which is moderated by and includes the work of one Jeff Brennan. This is better than you think. It is also better than I think.

In addition to the poems concerning urban living that Jeff and I write, you may also stumble upon the work of other young creators, which presently includes a certain Maria Winters, who is attending the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where she conducts great visual and written creativity.

You can also find Alex Ruggeri’s work on this blog. Alex is a teacher in Peabody, Massachusetts, and loves propagating authority, influence, and inspiration. Other contributors may arise as life continues.

And for now, due to time and sanity constraints, PhillyWords, my blog documenting my travels and life in Philadelphia, has a thin digital sheet covering it; I may post there in the future, but there is absolutely no way to maintain it at the moment, so it will remain in storage for an unknown amount of time.


Gregory Bem

PS: Lone-Byte Press is planning to release a series of e-chapbooks in the very near future, which will include a follow-up to TXT MSSG. Stay tuned.

Check the Rear Bytes

Torn-up Greeting Cards

Throughout the month of October there has been a surge in poetic cell phone text messages between my friends and I. Though most of the messages have been communications between me and Jeffrey Brennan, who is now living in New York, other friends make appearances. Perhaps there is a psycho/social theory developing in there that correlates between conducted poetic behavior perceived and responsive poetic behavior. Again with the usual, or rather consistent, disclaimers: I tried to copy the information from the Verizon Chocolate phone verbatim, thus explaining the poetic lines created. In most cases of the “Sent” folder, I’ve put forth information that proves to be embarrassingly forward. In any case, here are the top-most highlights from October, some of which will probably end up in another chapbook down the line.

Chipped Coffee Mug

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Lone-Byte Press Releases TXT MSSG, a New Chapbook of Cell Phone Poetry

I’ve been struggling with the idea of the cell phone poetry Jeff Brennan and I have written and continue to send back and forth between each other. Well, that struggling has been put off a little bit, as I decided to make a “best of” collection of text messages that I consider valuable for sharing with others in a semi-professional format. Under my latest project name, Lone-Byte Press, I put together this little document, which I am calling a chapbook. It’s called TXT MSSG, and it is a whopping 19 pages (that includes the front cover, the two title pages, the copyright page, the poetry pages, and the afterword). This is the image on the front cover, which I took after finishing the initial design. The phone in the picture, which is the phone I used to record all of the text messages, as well as other text messages that came long before this chapbook was even though up, and text messages that have happened as recently as today (that are not featured in the chapbook), is called the LG Chocolate. It’s been referred to as a Star Trek instrument, a “cool person’s phone,” and on more than one occasion I have gotten the sordid response, “oh, you have the chocolate,” after a friend has seen me use it.

It is nice to have TXT MSSG done and out of the way, as a project that has been semi-worked on over the past week and a half, but never really caught too much heat or too much involvement on my end to make it too out of the ordinary. I guess it’s just surprising that I had never come across anything like it before, before I decided to create it. It was a casual move on my part, and meant to be so. I wanted to release a compilation that would be available digitally that could be composed of casual and poetic communication, be accessed through the digital world, and be read in its digital format. I guess it’s good that it didn’t get too long, as many complain about any long reading done on the computer. Makes me wonder about that Kindle, actually, and if there have been many returns . . . but anyway, I printed out a single copy for myself in case of problems with the computer, Internet, and whole shabang, and it turned out pretty damn nice. Though I think printing it in booklet form will mess up the footer’s page numbers a bit . . . on an unrelated note, I recently picked up a copy of the amazing quick read Ready-to-Eat Individual (you can read some of it here, and if you like it enough to order, which you should, order it here), the co-written book of poetry, co-written in Post-Katrina N’Orleans by Frank Sherlock and Brett Evans. It’s put out by Lavender Ink, a press out of New Orleans, and it reminds me of collaborations Jeff and I took part in back at school, and a little bit of some of the stuff we write now. Except ours projects are, naturally, much less focused. ANYWAY:

Click here to download TXT MSSG.

As I said on the last page of TXT MSSG, there will be more text messages, more cell phone poetry to come. Here are a few messages that occurred today, a number above average, to say the least. They are presented in a format different from the TXT MSSG chapbook, but get across the same general idea.


From: Jeff B – RWU

Southern dinner party. A
woman just said I look like
her plastic surgeon.

Oct 5, 5:56 pm


From: Jeff B – RWU

First beer in 5 days.
Streaks end at the
window rubber.

Oct 5, 7:43 PM



To: Jeff B – RWU

All downtown is lit up in
pink like we are all gay or
something I DONT THINK

Sent: Oct 5, 6:51 pm


To: Jeff B – RWU

Can’t stomach it. I like my
genitalia shaped like
flower petals.

Sent: Oct 5, 6:54 pm