A bunch of poets in a room together

greg bem live from angeline

Last night was the Live from the Angeline! private event, which featured one guitarist (Salt Mouth a.k.a. Chris Phillips) and a bunch of readers (Paul Nelson, Nadine Maestas, Raanan David, Sonya Vatomsky, Aaron Kokorowski, Faiza Sultan, Scherezade Siobhan, and myself). This group picture demonstrates the power of a diverse line-up, and the power of friendship. Videos of the event are, of course, available for viewing.

From left to right, standing: Raanan David, Aaron Kokorowski, Maria Winters, Jason Conger, Scherezade Siobhan, Greg Bem, Paul Nelson, Tanya Holtland, Justine Chan, Jeanne Morel, and Faiza Sultan. In the front is Matt.

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