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A few more pictures from Juneau, Alaska

The following is the second of three set of images I’ll be adding to my website from a recent trip to Juneau, Alaska. In this set, there are some images from our tour of the Tracy Arm Fjord, and there are some images from our first night camping on the lake beside Mendenhall Glacier, one of the most majestic/commanding natural fixtures I’ve ever spent significant time near.

DSC_0186 s

DSC_0193 s

DSC_0198 s

DSC_0200 s

DSC_0202 s

DSC_0214 s

DSC_0218 s

DSC_0221 s

DSC_0249 s

DSC_0252 s

DSC_0278 s

DSC_0282 s

DSC_0285 s

DSC_0291 s

DSC_0302 s

DSC_0310 other s

DSC_0310 s

DSC_0319 s

DSC_0323 s

DSC_0326 s

DSC_0339 s

DSC_0354 s

DSC_0362 s

DSC_0364 s

DSC_0366 s

DSC_0367 s

DSC_0369 s

DSC_0390 s

DSC_0392 s

DSC_0410 s

DSC_0413 s

DSC_0416 s

DSC_0430 s

DSC_0438 s

DSC_0442 s

DSC_0451 s

DSC_0473 s

DSC_0477 s

If you didn’t see it, here’s the first post of images from Alaska.

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