Two reviews of anthologies

I have reviewed two anthologies at Yellow Rabbits: My Lot is a Sky: An Anthology of Poems by Asian Women and Call and Response: A Migrant/Local Poetry Anthology.

View them here.


New Essay Published in Alki Magazine

My essay, “Poets, Dissidents and Librarians” is now available in the latest issue of Alki, the magazine of the Washington Library Association.

This essay explores some of the people I met, experiences I had, and perspectives I encountered during my trip to Myanmar earlier this year. It’s a nice blend of my library and poetry sides.

Read the full article here.


New Reviews: Singapore’s Math Paper Press

I now have a new set of micro-reviews on Rain Taxi for Singapore’s Math Paper Press. The books I’ve reviewed are:

  • The Woman Who Turned into a Vending Machine by Natali Wang
  • Afterimage by Werner Kho
  • footnotes on falling by Joshua Ip
  • In These Curved Spaces by Andrea Yew
Videos [Thorough Water]

New videos: Thorough Water – Ross Lake Invert

Ross Lake Invert 1/2 (Recorded at Ross Lake Dam, North Cascades, August 2019)
Ross Lake Invert 2/2 (Recorded at Ross Lake Dam, North Cascades, August 2019)