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New Videos: Boulder River Aphorisms and Portraits of Water

I have created two new video sequences over the last month. The first was completed at Friday Harbor Labs’s Whiteley Center, in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. This video utilizes video taken from Boulder River near Arlington and Darrington. The video includes a sequence of poetic statements, aphorisms a la Rene Char, and has significant vocal manipulation. Responding to a friend, who asked me if my intention was to freak people out, “Yes.” The video is available in HD and 60FPS.

The second video sequence is a set of four abstract videos, and it is called Portraits of Water 1-4 (Silent). The video footage was taken in and near Friday Harbor, earlier this month, and has been manipulated to appear completely abstract. This was my first major foray into blending in Adobe Premier, which I intentionally overdid to highlight certain textures within the water (similar to paint, as a medium). An updated version may appear, down the road, but for now I am content with the silent versions. All four can be viewed in a single video or in individual videos. All are included below. These are also in HD and 60FPS, though the quality will probably seem “rougher.” The footage is mostly from a GoPro, both above and below the surface of the ocean.

GIF Images

New GIF: Seattle Waterfront

A fun little/big GIF from the Seattle Waterfront (near the Aquarium) from December 2019. Download a larger version here.

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New Video: Oceanic Triptych

Now available on YouTube: Oceanic Triptych (38:53 minutes)

Breakdown of contents

  • Introduction: The Breaker (also available as a standalone 4 minute video here)
  • Triptych Panel 1: Memory Shores
  • Triptych Panel 2: Sheathed Realities
  • The Signature
  • Triptych Panel 3: Manzanita Warmth
  • Closing: The Elsewhere that Codifies (featuring video preview of the Boulder River sequence, forthcoming)

Fun facts

  • Oceanic Triptych is intended to be watched in a single sitting, start to finish, ad nauseum to nausea
  • Oceanic Triptych is a follow-up to the installation piece Thorough Water: Here and There (which includes video from the Quinault Rain Forest, Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, the Royal Basin on the Olympic Peninsula, and Ross Lake in the North Cascades)
  • The unedited, hour-long sunset video is also on YouTube here
  • More abstract? Try Gatton Falls Study (playlist)
  • More abstract than that? Try Oregon Video Poems (especially the 2019 ones) (playlist)
  • What’s next? The Boulder River Sequence (video poetry featuring Char-esque aphorisms, coming in January)
  • What’s after that? An untitled San Juan Islands project

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New Review: Rauan Klassnik’s A SLOW BOILING BEACH

Now up to be read etc on North of Oxford, a review of Klassnik’s new collection, A SLOW BOILING BEACH.