My First Review in Poetry Northwest! Shin Yu Pai’s Ensō

After long wait, I’m pleased to announce a review of the stellar Ensō by Seattle-based Shin Yu Pai. This writ arrived out of a flash of creative exchanges between Shin Yu and me quite some time ago. It feels like quite a while ago at this point (all Pre-Covid), making this publication feel even more celebratory. Read the review of the unique book here.

2019 in Books

It feels like just yesterday I posted about the 2018 books I read. The year most certainly did not fly by, and perhaps that’s because I was caught up in so much excellent reading over the past 12 months. As per last year, what follows is a list of every title I read, with bolding for my “picks” or personal favorites. Note that some of these books made it into reviews, so they weren’t merely

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