Two New Reviews in Rain Taxi

Two of my latest reviews are now in the print edition of Rain Taxi, now available for purchase. Earth by Hannah Brooks-Motl Codex by Joshua Lew McDermott Both are excellent books. Please consider reading them and reading what I wrote about them!

New Review: Things That Go by Laura Eve Engel

My latest review is now in Rain Taxi! Laura Eve Engel’s Things That Go, where “the entirety of the world is moving, and our understanding along with it is moving too—often to our surprise and overwhelmingly beyond full comprehension.” Read more here.

2019 in Books

It feels like just yesterday I posted about the 2018 books I read. The year most certainly did not fly by, and perhaps that’s because I was caught up in so much excellent reading over the past 12 months. As per last year, what follows is a list of every title I read, with bolding… Continue reading 2019 in Books