New GIFs: Cenotes

I had the supreme joy of exploring a handful of cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, last month. These GIFs are the result of some rough, rough footage pulled from a GoPro that was used both underwater and above, focusing on the textures of the pools’ floors and the stalactite-filled ceilings. Using some crude alteration methods in Davinci, I was able to quickly (and continued-roughly) get a Brakhage-esque result. As with the waterwheel GIFs, these were

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New GIFs: Fairbanks Waterwheel

From the discovery boat tour in Fairbanks, Alaska, with love. Recorded earlier this month. These two GIFs captivated me before I even imagined their full form. In my continued odyssey through outsider video art, they were created using a new GIF app I just discovered: ScreenToGIF. Original video was captured on a Sony A7C and the editing was done in Davinci Resolve, the app that forever will confound and surprise.

Photos: Memory Forms and Further Forms

The following are two sets of self portraits I took while on San Juan Island last month. This was the first time I created a low-budget photography studio, and the first time I ritualized photography concerning the physical human body as the main theme/subject. As explored below in Memory forms, movement accompanied each of the forms (or poses) that I created and worked through. The forms themselves remain secret, a language that was used to

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Memory Forms Preview

I have taken some time to work with a new camera setup at the Whiteley Center at Friday Harbor Labs. A new project has emerged: Memory Forms. Here is a preview image from the experience:

Whiteley Center GIF Bundle Released!

Here at the Whiteley Center on San Juan Island, I have had time to focus on literary, audio, and video works. I have completed what is definitely the final GIF sequence of the year, which I’ve labeled at the Whiteley Center GIF Bundle. Check it out on this page here.

GIFs Wrap-Up for the Year

I have just posted a large collection of large GIFs, created to round out the final days of the calendar year. This bundle, as I’m calling it, contains the aquatic and the natural, continued. It is a gentle extension of the most recent GIFs posted recently. In the near future, I intend to create more abstract video works that will be shared in video form. This includes GIF images, but displayed in repetition. I hope

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Sammamish GIF 6

A Gazillion GIFs 2

Another week, another processing night for all the GIFs in my night. As per the GIFs page, here’s the following additions to the family: Sammamish Kubota Gardens Colorado National Monument  

Seaside Storm GIF 5

A Gazillion GIFs 1

A new push on my end has resulted in a flurry of fun-filled GIF images. Still moving. Still defunct as a format. These are great time consumers, capable of creatively getting me into the body of the footage I record. This is the artful way that screams in joy and terror at once. As per the GIFs page, here are the latest offerings: Manzanita Fire Manzanita Sunset Seaside Storm Seahurst Park I was able to

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