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I breathe the faces of dragons

The following is a poem I have written in preparation for and in spirit of the Summer Solstice.

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In the Canoe at Night

For Tanya Holtland, Emiliana Chavez, and Barnabus Gillmon

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Prism: Three Poems of Longing

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New Chapbook: Fault Lit

fault lit screen (greg bem)

I have taken tweets from the last couple of weeks and put them into a collection, which I am calling a chapbook.

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New Poem: Smoldering Potato

redmond fire pit greg bem with friends

Smoldering Potato.

Originally written in Kirkland, Washington. Originally performed in Redmond, Washington. Dedicated after the fact to Raanan David.

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Touchstones, a New Chapbook

Today is the day I release a new chapbook of poetry.

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Upcoming Reading: Babel/Salvage’s Ogopogo featuring Greg Bem, Amaranth Borsuk, Ilsa Olsen, and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

Ogopogo is a cross-disciplinary performance series.

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Four Drafts of Process

The following texts were created for four readings in Olympia, Portland, and Oakland. Each long piece was written in single sittings, semi-spontaneously, at a computer in a library in Kirkland, Washington. The pieces were only slightly edited after the fact, with the main intention behind them being a Spicer-esque channeling of energy, spirit, and emotion.

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New Chapbook: Inumbration


After some time of debating whether or not I wanted this publication to be print-only, I’ve decided to release an e-version of it. Because why? Because it’s the 21st century, and this publication and collection is as much about the digital developments of place as it is about the physical.

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Poem: The Volcano, for Robert Frazier

My stepfather, a figure who has been in my life for many years, passed away several nights ago.

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E-Chapbook: The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems

A newish chapbook from me to you: The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems

Late last year I released my latest chapbook of poetry, entitled The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems. The book includes a bunch of poetry I wrote during a gig working at a local chocolate company in Seattle. You can read the book for free, and it is still available to peruse here via Google Drive.

Also, this is the first release to my dearest Scherezade Siobhan.

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Poetry: Cambodia Bladed

What is Cambodia Bladed?

Cambodia Bladed was my series of prose poems written for and about my second and most recent time spent in Cambodia, from July to September, 2015. It was published between October and December, 2015. The series explores time, space, experience, mindfulness, among many other things. In many ways, and for many reasons, I wrote it as a direct response to the sort of heaviness I was feeling during and after this most recent time period.

For me, the experience writing Cambodia Bladed was also one of experimentation. I had been experimenting with photography and writing as a multidisciplinary form during my Washington seriesMelmont piece, and Costa Rica/Panama piece. In a lot of ways, Cambodia Bladed was the high point for this form. I still use this form for my Beyond the Neon series, but I think I’ve exhausted my interest in the style associated with the form. I’m grateful for Queen Mob’s for letting me serialize this piece over the three months. You can read it at the links below:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven