Still shot from the video I created for Ancient Lakes

Two New Music Videos: Ellensburg and Ancient Lakes

I have just finalized two incredibly strange audio tracks, accompanied/carried by two incredibly strange video tracks. The first features footage recorded in Ellensburg, Washington–specifically the lovely Irene Rinehart Waterfront Park. I don’t really have an explanation for the audio (which is probably for the best, honestly). I will say that I did include the waterfall’s audio track last minute, which adds a certain bass/ambient effect to the otherwise crippling synths. You can watch the video

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A still image from a black and white video of Biscayne Bay

New Music and Video: Biscayne

In what has become a new 2021 tradition, I have completed my next video and music work, though I hesitate to call it a “music video.” Relying on Komplete Kontrol’s Mikro Prism, and a ton of effects, I have found a certain harmony with the noise I’m turning up. I suppose harmony in this regard concerns my own mental well-being, and the joy I get out of arrangement/composition and listening after the fact. It has

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A solid green square

New Music and Video: Kachess Lake

A new musical track and video have been published on YouTube and Bandcamp. Kachess Lake is a track based on an experience snowshoeing at said Cascadian lake in January 2021. The track is dynamically different in terms of tone and construction from other recent tracks. An experiment in layers, chords, dissonance, Massive, and reverb+EQ, I have attempted to slightly slow down my production sequence with this project. As for the video, the footage was taken

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Waves Track Screenshot

New Music and Video: Waves Track

My continuation continues. It persists. The audio, the derangement, the seeking. In “Waves Track,” I continue the ongoing intensities I encountered in “Cloud Track,” but this time I have gone further, dived deeper, made my mania clearer. “Waves Track” can be watched via the music video below, which features three clips overlaid in a subtle but entrancing intention. The three clips were all recorded from a recent trip to Rialto Beach, on the Olympic Peninsula.

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New Music and Video: Cloud Track

Sometimes experimentation crosses boundaries. Historically I have divided much of my literary, audio, and visual/video work categorically to allow for sense-making and efficiencies in output. This has been machine-like and in some ways has kept me from going further into the “interdisciplinary” realms many artists work within. Last year’s videos Boulder River Aphorisms, Oceanic Triptych, and Thorough Water all combined some of the approaches listed above, but I have never looked at my experimental music/audio

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Twin Falls Video

Some of the footage I carve the GIFs out of tends to be mammoth and beautiful in long form. I was inspired to make this silent video from the Twin Falls of the Cascades outside Seattle by the ambient elegance and power of Ana Roxanne’s amazing albums, Because of a Flower and ~~~. The homages to water are pleasantly always.

Gaming Videos: A Playlist

I’ve decided to start putting all of the Gaming videos I make in a single playlist. It’s curious that as a result of my review project, I’ve found interest in and comfort with the “let’s play” method of going through the game. The terrible thing is that I’m terrible at it, and my microphone is awful, and, well, it’s just really rough. But why not contribute to the swamp of video content with my own,

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