New Poem: Smoldering Potato

Smoldering Potato. Originally written in Kirkland, Washington. Originally performed in Redmond, Washington. Dedicated after the fact to Raanan David.

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New Artist’s Bio

Greg Bem is a multidisciplinary, individual and collaborative artist whose poetry and other creative works are rooted in place.

Four Drafts of Process

The following texts were created for four readings in Olympia, Portland, and Oakland. Each long piece was written in single sittings, semi-spontaneously, at a computer in a library in Kirkland, Washington. The pieces were only slightly edited after the fact, with the main intention behind them being a Spicer-esque channeling of energy, spirit, and emotion.

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New Chapbook: Inumbration

After some time of debating whether or not I wanted this publication to be print-only, I’ve decided to release an e-version of it. Because why? Because it’s the 21st century, and this publication and collection is as much about the digital developments of place as it is about the physical.

Pictures: Bend, Oregon

A recent business trip (Feb. 12-14) to Bend, Oregon, was a brief but utterly beautiful interjection to my soggy existence in Seattle.

Rainier Valley Lit Crawl #3 (Upcoming Event)

Rainier Valley Lit Crawl #3 Join for the third iteration of the Rainier Valley Lit Crawl, which focuses on bringing writers and listeners to Southeast Seattle locations for another night of literary engagement. This lit crawl will include the following venues: Spinnaker Bay Brewing → Big Chickie → The Collaboratory → Union Bar. It will… Continue reading Rainier Valley Lit Crawl #3 (Upcoming Event)