New GIFs: Cenotes

I had the supreme joy of exploring a handful of cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, last month. These GIFs are the result of some rough, rough footage pulled from a GoPro that was used both underwater and above, focusing on the textures of the pools’ floors and the stalactite-filled ceilings. Using some crude alteration methods… Continue reading New GIFs: Cenotes

Reviewing the latest by Chath pierSath

My first review of Chath’s work was in Rain Taxi, many years ago. I have since read Chath’s latest book, On Earth Beneath Sky, and that review is now up at Poetry Northwest. Read the full review of this incredible poetry collection here!

View.Point. Recording Now Up

Many thanks to Amy Billharz for recording and editing the View.Point. event at the end of last month. I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and it’s available in HD format. See below:

Saturn Peach Reviewed

My newest review is live and online. I have reviewed Saturn Peach by Lily Wang in Rain Taxi. You can find it here.

Poem: Return to Empty

A palace among the dogwood and it trembles. Beyond the tiger lily an ancient rock. And its chiseled face bare. We are ruptured. We are dislodged. Memories captured, compressed in snow melt. Sun pushing inward, water pushed toward earth. Even on this day. Even in this breath. I can feel this return. I can feel… Continue reading Poem: Return to Empty

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Questions with Rob McLennan

Today I’m very grateful to ongoing collaborator Rob McLennan, who invited me (back in January) to respond to his question prompts, “12 or 20.” I don’t often share much about my creative process apart from a few close friends, and Rob’s questions allowed me to dive in. You can read the questions (and see a… Continue reading Questions with Rob McLennan

An homage to KMRU.

Below you’ll find a new video, an homage to the great KMRU. His ambient music is stunning, and I have found myself listening to it for many, many hours. The music video was created under fair use. The footage is from a recent trip to Copper Creek in the Olympic National Forest. As a bonus… Continue reading An homage to KMRU.

A review of Consecration of the Wolves by Salgado Maranhão

My second contribution to North of Oxford for June is a review of Consecration of the Wolves by Salgado Maranhão, translated from the Portuguese by Alexis Levitin. An incredible, though disturbing work that continues to sit with me weeks after I’ve read it. Find the review here.

Double Review of Red Hen

My latest contribution in the review world is for two books by Red Hen Press: American Quasar with poems by David Campos and art by Maceo Montoya, and A Camera Obscura by Carl Marcum. You can read about these two unique and timely books here. This is my first review of publications from Red Hen.