The San Juan Island Timelapse GIFs

Six GIFs from my recent stay at the San Juan Island Friday Harbor Labs’s Whiteley Center. Originally shot on a GoPro Hero 9, edited in Resolve, and processed into GIFs via ScreenToGIF. If these don’t load quickly for you, I recommend a brief meditation before returning to the page and the loaded GIFs. Regarding the export process, I noticed that ScreenToGIF radically mutes the images’ contrast. This is something that I wasn’t expecting, as the

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New GIFs: Cenotes

I had the supreme joy of exploring a handful of cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, last month. These GIFs are the result of some rough, rough footage pulled from a GoPro that was used both underwater and above, focusing on the textures of the pools’ floors and the stalactite-filled ceilings. Using some crude alteration methods in Davinci, I was able to quickly (and continued-roughly) get a Brakhage-esque result. As with the waterwheel GIFs, these were

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