Carbonation Press Catalog

Carbonation 001: Pushing Through Glass by Greg Bem

Published in November 2023.

This is the first release by Carbonation Press. This book of poetry is by Greg Bem. It contains three small sequences of poetry from Seattle, Washington, the Cascade Mountains, and Spokane, Washington.

Greg Bem is a poet and librarian living in Spokane, Washington, where he relocated after 13 years in Seattle.

Paperback. $12.00. ISBN: ‎978-1312111097

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Carbonation 002: Echoes Lost to the Wind by Chath pierSath

Published in February 2024.

In his latest collection, the Cambodian-American poet Chath pierSath delves into the intricate relationship between the external and the intimate. A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, this is a poetry transcending boundaries and embracing the fullness of life. From public moments to inward reflections, from pride to joy and anger, pierSath’s poetry balances across space and emotion, offering poems of composure and ectasy, of revelation and proclamation.

Moving through a world made cold and closed by the isolation of the COVID era, these poems invite you to explore the act of opening. Through his journey of sexuality and understanding connection, pierSath fearlessly delves into the sensual, presenting it in myriad manifestations that resonate from present to past, from the United States to Cambodia, with emotions that dance in between.

Chath pierSath, born in Battambang, Cambodia in 1970, survived the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia and grew up in the United States. He is the author of three collections, After: Poems (Abingdon Square, 2009), This Body Mystery: Paintings and Poems (‎Abingdon Square, 2012), and On Earth Beneath Sky: Poems and Sketches (Loom Press, 2022), and a children’s book, Sinat and the Instrument of the Heart (Soundprints, 2010). Also known internationally for his visual art, he has exhibited in Asia, Europe, and North America. He lives and works on a family farm in the town of Bolton in the Nashoba Valley of central Massachusetts.

Paperback. $15.00. ISBN: 978-1365057748

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