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  • Encyclopédie of the Common and Encompassing by Allison Campbell, with Illustrations by Alf Dahlman (Kore Press, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • The Service Porch by Fred Moten (Letter Machine Editions, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Written in the Dark: Five Poets in the Siege of Leningrad (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Like Bits of Wind by Pierre Chappuis (Seagull Books, 2016) via Yellow Rabbits
  • Tender in the Age of Fury by Brandon Pitts (Mosaic Press, 2016) via Via Yellow Rabbits
  • Cities at Dawn by Geoffrey Nutter (Wave Books, 2016) via Yellow Rabbits
  • Wonderland by Samuel Ligon with illustrations by Stephen Knezovich (Lost Horse Press, 2016) via Berfrois
  • in field latin by Lutz Seiler (Seagull Books, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Pomegranate Eater by Amaranth Borsuk (Kore Press, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People by Henrik Hoeg (Proverse Hong Kong, 2016) via Yellow Rabbits
  • Stone Bride Madrigals by Nicolette Wong (Corrupt Press, 2013) via Yellow Rabbits
  • Memory Cards: The Thomas Traherne Series by Susan M. Schultz (Talisman House, 2016) via Rain Taxi Print Edition
  • Of Beings Alone by Lissa Wolsak (Tinfish Press, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Four Books by Sarah Mangold via Queen Mob’s
  • The Wine-Dark Sea by Mathias Svalina (Sidebrow Books, 2016) via Berfrois
  • Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong (Copper Canyon Press, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Lost Wax: Translation through the Void by Jonathan Stalling (Tinfish, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • Latest Volcano by Tana Jean Welch (Marsh Hawk Press, 2016) via Rain Taxi
  • Sebastian Dreaming by Georg Trakl (Seagull Books, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Hardly War by Don Mee Choi (Wave Books, 2016) via Berfrois
  • A Winged Horse in a Plane by Salah Faik (Tinfish Press, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • Layers of Fear (Aspyr, 2016), written with Scherezade Siobhan via Queen Mob’s
  • The Collected Poems of Michael Gizzi (The Figures, 2015) via Rain Taxi Print Edition
  • Staying Alive by Laura Sims (Ugly Duckling, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Static & Snow by Brian Henry (Black Ocean, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • Your lapidarium feels wrought by Jennifer Stella (Ugly Duckling, 2016) via Queen Mob’s
  • Undertow Overtures by Larry Crist (ATOM Press, 2014) via Queen Mob’s
  • Poems by Georg Trakl (Seagull Books, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • Arcana: Tarot Poetry Anthology (Minor Arcana Press, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • The Inventors and Other Poems by Rene Char (Seagull Books, 2015) via Queen Mob’s
  • American Sentences by Paul Nelson (Apprentice House Press, 2015) via Queen Mob’s

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  • Seattle’s Bumbershoot Music Festival via Pop Matters: 1, 2, 3
  • Seattle Float via Queen Mob’s