Readings and Events


August 14, 2023: Grain Reflex at Vermillion with Jeremy Springsteed, Amy Hirayama, Justine Chan, Eric M. Acosta, and Alex Bleecker.

August 12, 2023: The Seattle P-Patch Program’s 50th Anniversary Celebration at Bradner Gardens with musicians Jim O’Halloran, Irene Mitri, Gary Shutes, Alex Chadsey, Victor Little, Jacques Willis, Denny Stern; and poets Paul Nelson, and Lorna Dee Cervantes.

July 9, 2023: Reflexive Assembly Presents: The Tunnel: A Literary Arts Crawl on Mt. Baker Ridge with Eric M. Acosta, Knoll Cannon, Bill Carty, Justine Chan, Unnameable Ensemble (Ian Gwin and Gregg Miller), Amy Hirayama, Emily Mundy, Paul Nelson, Doug Nufer, Jim O’Halloran, Jasmine Plaskon, Hannah Rice and Alia Swersky, and Matt Trease.

June 10-16, 2023: Altar / Alter at The Cherry Pit with Eric M. Acosta, Amy Hirayama, and Denny Stern.

April 22, 2023: Reading at Justine Chan’s Book Launch for Should You Lose All Reason(s) at Common AREA Maintenance with Paris of the Plains, Amori, Lynn Stansbury, Miranda Schmidt, and Tatsu Sweet.

March 11, 2023: Super Position at Casa del Xolo and Bulldog News and Cafe with Paul E. Nelson, Ricardo Ruiz, Irving Ayala, Amy Hirayama, Alex Mattraw, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Lara de la Rosa, and Eric M. Acosta.

March 10, 2023: Sagging Meniscus / Exacting Clam AWP Offsite Reading at Underbelly, organized by Thomas Walton.

February 11, 2023: Bulldog Poetry: Duets Edition at Bulldog News and Cafe.

February 10, 2023: Reflexive Assembly: A Happening at Common AREA Maintenance with Eric Acosta, Amy Hirayama, Whitney Bashaw, and Keegan O’Rourke.


December 21, 2022: Shadowscrawler: Winter Solstice Reading at the J.A. Witt Winter Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum. Featuring Justine Chan, Paul E. Nelson, Eric M. Acosta, Sky O’Brien, Sami Ridge, Aya Bram, and Ricardo Ruiz.

June 10, 2022: View.Point.2: Summer Solstice Reading at Bradner Gardens featuring Justine Chan, Jim O’Halloran, Stephanie Shadbolt and Jesse Snyder, Denny Stern, Aaron Kokorowski, Sarah Mangold, Skyler Reed, Raul Sanchez, and Matt Trease.

May 21, 2022: Of Spray and Mist reading at Grandma’s Kitchen in Walla Walla, with Teri Zipf.

April 22, 2022: Reading with the Jim O’Halloran Trio at Kezira Cafe.

January 14, 2022: Reading with the Jim O’Halloran Trio at Kezira Cafe.