My name is Greg Bem. I’m a librarian based in Spokane, Washington. I lived for over a decade in Seattle before moving to Spokane in late 2023. I have lived twice in Cambodia, where I supported literary arts communities and volunteered for libraries and library workers. I have spent numerous years living in Philadelphia and Rhode Island. I grew up in Maine.

You can learn more about my librarianship and professional history through LinkedIn, linked above. I am currently involved in the Community Colleges of Spokane, the Washington Library Association, and the Library Leadership Council of the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.

I am an artist. I work with words. I work with sound and image. Occasionally I perform. Across this site, you can find new and old projects and publications. In late 2023 I started Carbonation Press, which is currently generating momentum to publish books of medium lengths and support diverse voices.

I curate and host events, alone and in collaboration. Some of them get pretty weird.

Email me anytime at gregbem (at) gmail (dot) com. I can also be observed and reached on Instagram, Goodreads, or YouTube.

My blog persists and is the best place to find the latest.