Manzanita Fire GIFs (2020)

Manzanita Fire GIF 1

A selection of GIFs from a favorite source of mine: flame. Taken on the Manzanita Beach in October, 2020. These Fall GIFs represent the limitations of the GIF format in their decay (of which many of my older GIFs do as well). Some hyperlapse/time-lapse features enable an examination of land and light in a condensed way. The final alternative video is not of the same framing but takes from the same footage and uses more severe brightness/contrast editing to reach colorful abstraction. Honestly, I could explore fire GIFs forever and probably always discover something fresh within. Perhaps like exploring bonfires in general.

Note: due to the color/light in these GIFs, they are of significant file size and may take some time to load.

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