Whiteley Center GIF Bundle

Below you will find the true final GIFs of 2020. These have been recorded throughout late 2020, but were worked on/developed rapidly during a December 2020 stay at the Whiteley Center. In these GIFs I have chosen to focus on pace and abstraction through time and perspective.

The Big Cypress Glimmer GIF explores the natural moments of hallucination.

Dual Water Streams 1 and 2 amount to having fun with the hypnagogic in watching waves, multiplied 200%.

Everglades Coast, Organ Pipe Hike 1 and 2, Puget Sound Overlook, and Shaky Falls View all examine nature in extreme perspective.

I have cranked up the contrast on several of these with hopes of creating a rougher understanding of image. One of the GIFs in this bundle also goes back to the choppier days of transition, in that it includes no transition effect.

As with the former GIF bundle, I recommend downloading the GIFs for offline viewing, rather than viewing them streaming in the browser.

Big Cypress Glimmer

Dual Water Streams

Dual Water Streams 2

Everglades Coast

Organ Pipe Hike

Organ Pipe Hike 2

Puget Sound Overlook

Shaky Falls View

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