GOOS I Created and Released

I’m excited to announce that my latest book was released last Wednesday at the Underbelly Poetry Reading in Seattle. GOOS I is the first book under my working name G. Ooze. It’s the first in a series I am still realizing.

It uses generative AI tools for some of the text. It is about awareness and life, breathing and blinking. It is a book that is small and handmade, printed on a thick vellum that doesn’t lend itself well to twine binding.

There were 21 copies made and 14 of them are floating around out there. Contact me if you’d like one of the 7 others. The book will not be reprinted and will not be uploaded into a digital space. There is something about this exploration that feels uniquely non-digital, though the damn thing was typed on a laptop, floating above the USA, as I flew between Phoenix and Boston, last month.