Poem: Return to Empty

A palace among the dogwood and it trembles. Beyond the tiger lily an ancient rock. And its chiseled face bare. We are ruptured. We are dislodged. Memories captured, compressed in snow melt. Sun pushing inward, water pushed toward earth. Even on this day. Even in this breath. I can feel this return. I can feel… Continue reading Poem: Return to Empty

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Questions with Rob McLennan

Today I’m very grateful to ongoing collaborator Rob McLennan, who invited me (back in January) to respond to his question prompts, “12 or 20.” I don’t often share much about my creative process apart from a few close friends, and Rob’s questions allowed me to dive in. You can read the questions (and see a… Continue reading Questions with Rob McLennan

A poetry collection both horrific and pastoral: Green Axes is now available!

My second full-length, printed book has appeared. I am excited to announce the release of my next poetry publication Green Axes! Thanks to Red at Alien Buddha Press for agreeing to work with me on the poems and the overall structure of the book. As the title of this post suggests, these poems are derived… Continue reading A poetry collection both horrific and pastoral: Green Axes is now available!

A Book! Of Spray and Mist

Of Spray and Mist is here. After nearly two years of work on a single manuscript, Hand to Mouth Books in Walla Walla, Washington has published Of Spray and Mist. At 122 pages, this full-length book features several sequences of poetry, including work first written on San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor Lab’s Whiteley Center last… Continue reading A Book! Of Spray and Mist


July 17, 2020 Lake Vivienne’s smile is marked by ancient voyeurs, whose minds don’t reflect such chromaticism. Let us put our eyes to rest amidst wind scream and the hush of bush as it is clarified with memories of recent goat.


Amidst pepper-fainted plumes I felt the beating of drums emerge from chests. To be there, to be now. To be urgent through architecture outlined across rain and whispers. ~ position body ~ In asking to prove directly and to form a shield. I will always blink to a vision of light. Beating across skeletal relationships.… Continue reading Heart

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