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A New Sound Project: roarbuzz

It’s been a while since I posted any new audio works. This is the first new exploration in sound since May 2021’s Dunn Gardens. roarbuzz uses found sound from a hostel in Banff, along with Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, and a bunch of EQing in Ableton. The result is the most ambient work I’ve ever created, and the first in a sequence of audio projects that are connected to a larger performance piece in development.

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Green Axes by Greg Bem

A poetry collection both horrific and pastoral: Green Axes is now available!

My second full-length, printed book has appeared. I am excited to announce the release of my next poetry publication Green Axes! Thanks to Red at Alien Buddha Press for agreeing to work with me on the poems and the overall structure of the book. As the title of this post suggests, these poems are derived from shadow and expanse. They are horrific and they are pastoral, sourced from a handful of local meditations and remote

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Of Spray and Mist Cover

A Book! Of Spray and Mist

Of Spray and Mist is here. After nearly two years of work on a single manuscript, Hand to Mouth Books in Walla Walla, Washington has published Of Spray and Mist. At 122 pages, this full-length book features several sequences of poetry, including work first written on San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor Lab’s Whiteley Center last December. You can read more below (or skip over to the Goodreads page).

Bandcamp, an Album, three Sequences, and a Single

I never thought I’d post audio on Bandcamp, but it seems like a great way to share (for free) the audio projects I’ve been working on, and also get proceeds to donate to an organization of my choosing (in this case, the ACLU). For the last four months, under the banner of COVID-19, I’ve been working on an audio project that has finally come to fruition. While it is rough, while it is far from

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Published Poetry at Ravenna Press

Thanks to Paul Nelson, I participated in the August Poetry Postcard Festival (PoPo) last year, and ended up with a full sequence of poetry, “Bountiful Sound.” A selection of the poems was accepted by Ravenna Press. I’m indebted to Kathryn Rantala for thinking highly of my work, and including it in their Triples Series. #11 features this work by me, as well as Maureen Seaton & Samuel Ace, and Kat Meads. Support the press by

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