Saturn Peach Reviewed

My newest review is live and online. I have reviewed Saturn Peach by Lily Wang in Rain Taxi. You can find it here.

A review of Nothing But the Music by Thulani Davis

I had the privilege and pleasure of writing on the new collection by Thulani Davis, Nothing But the Music, which has been added to North of Oxford. Highly recommend the book to anyone who’s interested in the Black Arts Movement and poetry by Black women past or present.

Two Reviews in the Latest Physical Rain Taxi

I’m excited to have received a copy of the latest Rain Taxi in my mailbox this weekend. The Spring 2021 issue features two book reviews concerning the poetry of the Serbian poet Marija Knežević (Breathing Technique, from Zephyr Press), and the Spanish Agustín Fernández Mallo (Pixel Flesh, Cardboard House Press). You can order a copy… Continue reading Two Reviews in the Latest Physical Rain Taxi

New Book Review: Requisite by Tanya Holtland

My latest review is of Tanya Holtland’s full-length poetry collection, Requisite, out by Platypus last year. This book is a follow-up to the chapbook Inner River, which I enjoyed immensely when it came out a few years ago. The review is featured at North of Oxford.

A Review of Marie Lundquist

A review of a fascinating Swedish feminist poet has just been published in Rain Taxi. Why not read my review of I walk around gathering up my garden for the night by Marie Lundquist today?

A Double Review of Song Cave Titles

A couple of new books, both fantastic, are now out via The Song Cave. They are: A Better Place is Hard to Find by Aaron Fagan and Rough Song by Blanca Varela, translated by Carlos Lara. I have reviewed them in a Harper’s-esque double feature via North of Oxford.

Books of 2020

I read a lot this year. 130 books to be exact. Many of them were amazing. Most were informative and educational. They’ve set me off on many new paths as a reader–arguably more new paths than any other time in my adult life. Could the pandemic be to thank for this surge? Perhaps. I also… Continue reading Books of 2020

A Review of Hysteria by Kim Yideum

My review of Kim Yideum’s Hysteria (Action Books, 2019) is now up at North of Oxford. This was a long-time-coming, and I had hoped for it to be published sooner. Glad to see it up now! Read the review here.