New audio: Exhume

I’ve just gotten back from a retreat at the Whiteley Center on San Juan Island, where I spent a few days roaming around the rainforest and coastline seeking out more field recordings, studying intimacy, and generally finding myself enjoying the natural solitude.

Two new music videos for Coil

After twisting and turning my way through Coil’s discography, I decided I had to pay homage with a couple music videos. One is for “Going Up” and it’s full of footage from a trip to the Olympics this past summer. After working on “Going Up,” I decided to make use of the large bodies of footage of water from the past year that have found miscellaneous digital dust collecting on them. Altogether they helped form

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Return to Rain: A Poetry Reading Set to Jazz

A couple nights ago I had the pleasure of reading a poem with the Jim O’Halloran Trio at Kezira Cafe in Columbia City, Seattle. The poem, “Return to Rain,” is linked below. Here’s the segment of the set with the reading: And some larger selections of the show. Sadly, the focus was set to auto and was doing some really weird stuff in the low-light room. The sound isn’t perfect either, but better than null!

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Music Video: Ex-American Blues by Speaker Music

Following up my last music video for KMRU, I have created a music video for another artist I really enjoy listening to: Speaker Music. The latest album, Soul-Making Theodicy, is mindblowing, and a combination of it and previous releases led to the drive to make this video. Footage includes videos of night and day sky over Cathedral Gorge, NV, timelapse of Grand Lake, and a particularly attractive flower in Seattle. Davinci did all matter of

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An homage to KMRU.

Below you’ll find a new video, an homage to the great KMRU. His ambient music is stunning, and I have found myself listening to it for many, many hours. The music video was created under fair use. The footage is from a recent trip to Copper Creek in the Olympic National Forest. As a bonus to the video, I have decided to include some new GIFs, created with Resolve and QGifer (a new app I’ve

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Dunn Gardens: New Media (Silent Video, Music Video, Full Album, Split Album)

After some toiling across software platforms, I have finalized another project: Dunn Gardens (2021). This project includes the following: Two full videos on YouTube: a silent video featuring original footage revealing the transitions of flowers from black and white to color; the same video with an added auditory bonus of an original composition of noise/music/etc. Two iterations of the audio track posted on Bandcamp: an album as one track and an album as split tracks.

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New Music and Video: Taylor River

Using a new GoPro and cutting across the snow mile after mile, I recorded the Taylor River video below. The sound is a “live soundtrack” that I created while rewatching the video, experimenting with Komplete Kontrol, Ableton Live II, Massive, and Erosion+Distort+Reverb effects. I appreciated how Davinci and Ableton worked well together, and how everything ended up fitting despite some major hiccups in the process–namely with understanding some of the fundamental recording requirements in Ableton

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Cherry Creek Falls Cover

New Music and Video: Cherry Creek Falls

The track linked below, Cherry Creek Falls, features another recent track composed in Ableton 11. The music, composed of two individual tracks, was applied to footage taken from Cherry Creek Falls outside of Duvall, Washington in March 2021. This was the first abstract video I created with the Express (free) edition of Hitfilm, an app that’s very similar to Adobe Premiere (without the incredible cost). With all of the difference blending applied, the video rendering

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Screen of the film Inside (2007)

New Music and Video: Inside (À l’intérieur)

My first foray into sheer noise, performative noise, and one of my first tracks in Ableton 11. “Inside” is a track created while watching the New French Extremity horror film of 2007 (À l’intérieur). After finalizing this experimental track, I decided to apply it to the segment of the film that inspired the composition. Note my application of fair use here is the first in my history of video and audio work. Note that the

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