Upcoming Seattle Event: Reflexive Assembly: An Interactive Happening

A brief announcement that there will be an “interactive happening featuring you” at Common AREA Maintenance (CAM) in Belltown, Seattle, on 2/10/23. The event will go from 6pm to 9pm. It will feature Eric Acosta, Amy Hirayama, Keegan O’Rourke, Whitney Bashaw, and myself, and will include interactive soundscapes, music, poetry, projections, and painting! See you there!

Return to Rain: A Poetry Reading Set to Jazz

A couple nights ago I had the pleasure of reading a poem with the Jim O’Halloran Trio at Kezira Cafe in Columbia City, Seattle. The poem, “Return to Rain,” is linked below. Here’s the segment of the set with the reading: And some larger selections of the show. Sadly, the focus was set to auto and was doing some really weird stuff in the low-light room. The sound isn’t perfect either, but better than null!

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54 Ways of Looking at The Moon’s Jaw

In March 2021, I was gifted a box of The Moon’s Jaw from the author, who had sat on the book for years and was in the process of leaving the Seattle area for parts unknown. A splendid book, I was not told what to do with the truly massive number of copies of a collection of poetry published years ago without a clear audience. I found homes for a few of them thanks to

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Coverage of Poetry in Myanmar

A post on the current state of poetry in Myanmar has been published in Poetry NW. This follows a brief exchange with Maung Day prior to his ducking into hiding and the cutting off of internet in the country. I’m grateful to Bill Carty for working with me on this piece–to bring light to the struggles and the work within Myanmar, and to continue to foster the connection I developed with the writers I first

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Two Reviews in the Latest Physical Rain Taxi

I’m excited to have received a copy of the latest Rain Taxi in my mailbox this weekend. The Spring 2021 issue features two book reviews concerning the poetry of the Serbian poet Marija Knežević (Breathing Technique, from Zephyr Press), and the Spanish Agustín Fernández Mallo (Pixel Flesh, Cardboard House Press). You can order a copy from via the Rain Taxi website.

A Video Montage from the Protests in Myanmar

A very large group of poets across Myanmar have collected their voices in a single video embedded below. The link follows the death of K Za Win, and the oppression of many other poet activists and activists generally in the country over the last several months following the military coup. All of this strikes me personally as I met K Za Win back when I visited Myanmar, and had a chance to exchange poetry with

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