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Father, Husband by Scherezade Siobhan

My girlfriend, Scherezade Siobhan, has recently had her poetry book, Father, Husband, released via Salò Press. Buy it. Read it. Share it.

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E-Chapbook: The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems

A newish chapbook from me to you: The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems

Late last year I released my latest chapbook of poetry, entitled The Chocolate Death Carols and Other Poems. The book includes a bunch of poetry I wrote during a gig working at a local chocolate company in Seattle. You can read the book for free, and it is still available to peruse here via Google Drive.

Also, this is the first release to my dearest Scherezade Siobhan.

Upcoming Events

Ghost Tokens: Inumbrating Pinnacle Details

From 1/17 to 1/23 there will be 7 literary events under the series name “Inumbrating Pinnacle.” There will be one Ghost Tokens event per night, each to occur at 9pm, all outdoors in the historic “heart of Seattle,” the Seattle Center, underneath the light and shadow of the Space Needle.

Confronting the triumphs and tragedies, the plateaus and recesses of the city elevated, these free micro-events are intended to respond to the fast, urban experience. Each artist will confront and present mindfulness toward “the city undergoing transformation” within a city’s frame of space and time. The events will not last more than 30 minutes.


  • Sunday 1/17: Tanya Holtland and Libby Hsu at Grass Blades
  • Monday 1/18: Arlo Smith at the Artists at Play Playground
  • Tuesday 1/19: Thomas Walton and Cooper Smith at the Glass Garden Wall
  • Wednesday 1/20: Paul Nelson at Sonic Bloom
  • Thursday 1/21: Graham Isaac at Black Lightning
  • Friday 1/22: Jeremy Springsteed and Jeanne Morel at the Armory Monorail Station
  • Saturday 1/23: Justine Chan at Olympic Illiad

Updates (1/16):


Games I’ve played in 2016.

Before now, I’ve only never had a public record of the games I’ve played. Let’s change that. Here you’ll find a running list of every game I’ve played, along with ratings and maybe, eventually, other content.


  • Spec Ops: The Line (6/10)
  • Divinity: Original Sin (ongoing)

Films I’ve viewed in 2016.

Here comes a list of all the films I’ve viewed in 2016. This list is meant to be exhaustive of my viewing history. Unlike GoodReads, IMDB does not offer an export feature to easily harness the list of reviewed films over a given time span. Thus, this WordPress post!


  • Pulse 2 (3/10)
  • Pulse 3 (3/10)
  • Ant-Man (7/10)
  • Fantastic Four (8/10)
  • The Revenant (8/10)
  • Finders Keepers (2014 horror film) (4/10)
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (5/10)
  • Finders Keepers (2015 documentary) (9/10)
  • Painkillers (4/10)
  • House of the Devil (7/10)
  • Kung Fu Panda (10/10)
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 (10/10)
Website Updates

A new website. A new look.

I’ve moved over to a new web host and in doing so, have kept the domain but not kept my old WordPress. One of the reasons for this reset is to define the new era of my life. In March, I begin to be in the world of the 30s. I don’t consider this move a shrugging off of the past, but rather, a foretelling of the future. The previous website has been archived, in its 30 gigabytes of glory, and now here we are. It will be a rocky start, but I look forward to pushing things forward with this new site. Please forgive the jumbled design at first. It will most certainly improve itself as we move forward.

My Poetry

Poetry: Cambodia Bladed

What is Cambodia Bladed?

Cambodia Bladed was my series of prose poems written for and about my second and most recent time spent in Cambodia, from July to September, 2015. It was published between October and December, 2015. The series explores time, space, experience, mindfulness, among many other things. In many ways, and for many reasons, I wrote it as a direct response to the sort of heaviness I was feeling during and after this most recent time period.

For me, the experience writing Cambodia Bladed was also one of experimentation. I had been experimenting with photography and writing as a multidisciplinary form during my Washington seriesMelmont piece, and Costa Rica/Panama piece. In a lot of ways, Cambodia Bladed was the high point for this form. I still use this form for my Beyond the Neon series, but I think I’ve exhausted my interest in the style associated with the form. I’m grateful for Queen Mob’s for letting me serialize this piece over the three months. You can read it at the links below:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven