AI Text Experiments: What type of poetry does Greg Bem write?

Have you heard of InferKit? I’ve been using it once in a while, here and there, to create short prose works. Not for anything other than my own morbid AI curiosity. I decided to try and generate a bio note today, which inspired the AI to come up with a (not yet created) book and a brand new, Whitmanesque poem. The prompt is first in bold, and then the generative text.

babel mountain

A New Sound Project: roarbuzz

It’s been a while since I posted any new audio works. This is the first new exploration in sound since May 2021’s Dunn Gardens. roarbuzz uses found sound from a hostel in Banff, along with Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch, and a bunch of EQing in Ableton. The result is the most ambient work I’ve ever created, and the first in a sequence of audio projects that are connected to a larger performance piece in development.

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