Book Reviews

A review of Black Case Volume I & II: Return From Exile by Joseph Jarman

I’ve recently reviewed Black Case Volume I & II: Return From Exile by the legendary Joseph Jarman. The review’s in Rain Taxi. Support them by buying a copy of their print edition.


A Review of The Elvis Machine by Kim Vodicka

My second review of Kim Vodicka’s poetry, after Psychic Privates, concerns her latest book: The Elvis Machine. Read the review at North of Oxford.

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Little Black Rocks (Photos)

The Playa at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

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Published Poetry at Ravenna Press

Thanks to Paul Nelson, I participated in the August Poetry Postcard Festival (PoPo) last year, and ended up with a full sequence of poetry, “Bountiful Sound.” A selection of the poems was accepted by Ravenna Press. I’m indebted to Kathryn Rantala for thinking highly of my work, and including it in their Triples Series. #11 features this work by me, as well as Maureen Seaton & Samuel Ace, and Kat Meads.

Support the press by ordering a copy here.

And, of course, consider participating in PoPo this year. Register here.

Domestic Travel

Light and Shadow at the Bloedel Reserve

June 2020, where hearts sink and footsteps spring.

Book Reviews

A Double Review of Jennifer Firestone’s Latest Works

I have reviewed Ten and Story by Jennifer Firestone via North of Oxford. This review, and the others, can be found as links on my Reviews page. You can learn more about Jennifer Firestone at her website.

My Poetry


Amidst pepper-fainted plumes

I felt the beating of drums emerge from chests.

To be there, to be now. To be urgent

through architecture outlined across rain and whispers.

~ position body ~

In asking to prove directly and to form a shield.

I will always blink to a vision of light.

Beating across skeletal relationships.

Bottles of milk. Bottles of baking soda and water.


The lines of scatter and spread

reflect the lines of converge and amass.

Dark clouds pour into those made lighter.

Breathe. The rate is an acceleration.


In a deeply troubled city there is a deeply entrenched situation.

And from it the emergence through cries and fists.

It’s electric the exhalations beyond a single body.

But the single bodies give an image to those single beating hearts.

Book Reviews

A New Review at North of Oxford: Paper Bells by Phan Nhiên Hạo

My review for May is up! Read my review of Paper Bells by Phan Nhiên Hạo here.

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Pandemic Poems

Three issues of pandemic poetry are now online via North of Oxford.

I have three poems in the first issue.





Glitched Sheet

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Photo Series: Pandemic Highways

Oregon and Nevada. Taken in March 2020.

Book Reviews

A New Review at North of Oxford: Salem by Catherine Corman

I’ve got a new review of Catherine Corman’s chapbook/short work, Salem, up at North of Oxford.

Read it here.

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Two New Reviews in Rain Taxi

Two of my latest reviews are now in the print edition of Rain Taxi, now available for purchase.

  • Earth by Hannah Brooks-Motl
  • Codex by Joshua Lew McDermott

Both are excellent books. Please consider reading them and reading what I wrote about them!

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Pic: Coulee’s Return

From the coulee, with love.

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New Poetry from Myanmar

I’m excited to relay that my friend Maung Day’s short prose poems have found a home at the magazine for Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s Transpacific Literary Project. “There are cities in his scabs: Prose poems” can be read in their mystery and mystification here.