Return to Rain: A Poetry Reading Set to Jazz

A couple nights ago I had the pleasure of reading a poem with the Jim O’Halloran Trio at Kezira Cafe in Columbia City, Seattle. The poem, “Return to Rain,” is linked below. Here’s the segment of the set with the reading: And some larger selections of the show. Sadly, the focus was set to auto and was doing some really weird stuff in the low-light room. The sound isn’t perfect either, but better than null!

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New GIFs: Cenotes

I had the supreme joy of exploring a handful of cenotes in Quintana Roo, Mexico, last month. These GIFs are the result of some rough, rough footage pulled from a GoPro that was used both underwater and above, focusing on the textures of the pools’ floors and the stalactite-filled ceilings. Using some crude alteration methods in Davinci, I was able to quickly (and continued-roughly) get a Brakhage-esque result. As with the waterwheel GIFs, these were

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New GIFs: Fairbanks Waterwheel

From the discovery boat tour in Fairbanks, Alaska, with love. Recorded earlier this month. These two GIFs captivated me before I even imagined their full form. In my continued odyssey through outsider video art, they were created using a new GIF app I just discovered: ScreenToGIF. Original video was captured on a Sony A7C and the editing was done in Davinci Resolve, the app that forever will confound and surprise.

Music Video: Ex-American Blues by Speaker Music

Following up my last music video for KMRU, I have created a music video for another artist I really enjoy listening to: Speaker Music. The latest album, Soul-Making Theodicy, is mindblowing, and a combination of it and previous releases led to the drive to make this video. Footage includes videos of night and day sky over Cathedral Gorge, NV, timelapse of Grand Lake, and a particularly attractive flower in Seattle. Davinci did all matter of

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Poem: Return to Empty

A palace among the dogwood and it trembles. Beyond the tiger lily an ancient rock. And its chiseled face bare. We are ruptured. We are dislodged. Memories captured, compressed in snow melt. Sun pushing inward, water pushed toward earth. Even on this day. Even in this breath. I can feel this return. I can feel this lingering emptiness. I feel as the long burn serves missive from the meadows. A typography of flame reaches out

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Past Literary Event in Seattle: View.Point.

I’m excited to be hosting a new literary event in Seattle on 7/28/21. It’s called View.Point and will be at Mt. Baker Viewpoint Park. Details with performers and bios can be found on this page. The live stream will be at Note that the account will be locked until the time of the performance. Updated start time: the performances will begin around 4:45pm Pacific Time.