54 Ways of Looking at The Moon’s Jaw

In March 2021, I was gifted a box of The Moon’s Jaw from the author, who had sat on the book for years and was in the process of leaving the Seattle area for parts unknown. A splendid book, I was not told what to do with the truly massive number of copies of a collection of poetry published years ago without a clear audience. I found homes for a few of them thanks to friends and libraries I frequent. I was left with 54.

In the middle of April 2021, I came up with an idea. Rather than holding onto this box of poetry for an unknown and potentially unlimited period of time, I would systematically look at distributing the books via the Little Free Library network in Seattle. I did not look up the libraries I would visit ahead of time en masse, rather opting for a more organic/spontaneous was of distribution as fit my schedule.

I have created a map of the locations here. Note the locations are listed as intersections, as I did not have the exact addresses for each library.

I did not consult with Rauan Klassnik throughout the process, instead hoping this would be a mildly delightful/dreadful surprise when announced.

It is my hope that the Seattle Metropolitan Area will come to love Rauan Klassnik, who has (had?) been a local literary gem in the rough, whose poetic influence might improve/derail the lives of many in the quaint little neighborhoods that house such little libraries.

Images showing proof of this distribution are embedded below.