New Music and Video: Cherry Creek Falls

Cherry Creek Falls Cover

The track linked below, Cherry Creek Falls, features another recent track composed in Ableton 11. The music, composed of two individual tracks, was applied to footage taken from Cherry Creek Falls outside of Duvall, Washington in March 2021. This was the first abstract video I created with the Express (free) edition of Hitfilm, an app that’s very similar to Adobe Premiere (without the incredible cost). With all of the difference blending applied, the video rendering and exporting resulted in some pixelation and otherwise gritty results, but I have decided to cough that up to the software limitations. Overall, I’m still a fan of the psychedelic qualities in this work. I also find the slowed down, close-up of the falls to be a bit hard to watch–perhaps inducing motion sickness? In a way, there’s a surreal quality to this negative effect–one I couldn’t ignore or remove when I first discovered it.

The track is available on Bandcamp, and the video (which includes some waterfall leads) is available on YouTube. (Or watch below:)