A Flurry of Upcoming Literary Events

The following poetry readings are happening over the next two months and are guranteed to break open the earth’s surface.

Reflexive Assembly: A Happening on 2/10 from 6pm-9pm

A multi-disciplinary happening at Common Area Maintenance, in Seattle. I’ll be primarily providing soundscapes and live mixing.

Bulldog News: Duets Edition on 2/11 starting at 7pm

A reading series at Bulldog News in U District, Seattle. This one is featuring duets. I’ll be doing a video response poem with myself.

Canceled: Underbelly Poetry on 2/22 starting at 8pm

A poetry series at the Underbelly Bar in Pioneer Square, Seattle. As G. Ooze, I’ll be doing more of my generative AI poetry.

Sagging Meniscus / Exacting Clam Reading on 3/10 starting at 5pm

AWP offsite reading at Underbelly. Hosted / organized by Thomas Walton.

Super Position Reading on 3/11 starting at 7pm

Two readings simultaneously via a weak Zoom connection at Casa de Xolo in Fremont and Bulldog News in U District, Seattle. AWP offsite reading. More information forthcoming.