AI Text Experiments: What is Ooze in Real Life?

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what is ooze in real life?

what is a mystery?

what is logic?

why does someone decide to ignore science?

why do some people have a “reaction” to any behavior they don’t like?

why do some people yell and scream even when the volume of their voice is not amplified?

why is such an ugly dog cute when it gets attention?

why does such a nice guy yell and scream when he gets negative feedback?

Why do I say, “we’re all created equal?”

After years of researching, learning, reading, working out scenarios, thinking, doing math and talking to so many wonderful people I’ve never met in person, I’m seeing a different picture.

I think that in the long term, the world will be a better place for having an extremely wealthy minority and an extremely poor minority.

The people in this country who are so privileged feel so entitled to do whatever they want.

They have been taught that wealth and power is what life is all about.

They view “oppression” as something that happens because the lucky few have too much power over everyone else.

The other side sees oppression everywhere and considers those who have too much wealth and power to be parasites.

The very wealthy resent paying taxes to help those who don’t have the money to hire lobbyists to make sure their interests are not overlooked.

The poor and middle class resent paying for wars for oil and other resources so that their fellow Americans can enjoy cheap, abundant energy.

In the past several years, people on both sides of this issue have been exposed to new facts.

This has led to a stalemate in the US Congress, in the face of powerful interests who have exploited the divide in the American people to their own benefit.

As of right now, there are a few politicians who understand the need for action to stop climate change.

Unfortunately, they are going against the tide of the people who believe we need to stop the scientific warning that could destroy our planet.

For the time being, that means that our politicians are backing off.

In a nutshell, scientists and politicians disagree on a number of points.

Scientists believe that a “hockey stick” is coming.

The hockey stick is a visualization of the effects of carbon dioxide over time.

Each curve represents a certain temperature at a certain level of carbon dioxide.

If the curve is flat, that means no increase in temperature.

If the curve is a straight line, it means a 100%