Altar / Alter: June 10 to June 16

Now that the next big event I’m helping with is listed on EverOut (the event guide associated with The Stranger), I think it’s time to advertise here. Read on to learn about this altar-themed, week-long program.

Altar / Alter (website here) is an installation and performance series designed to explore the concept of altars through different perspectives, mediums, and interpretations. We approach this project with the hypothesis that altars alter. Creating and reflecting on an altar requires us to engage with physical objects, think about spirituality, ancestry, symbolism, culture, tradition, ritual, community, and more. Altars impact us as much as we impact them. Altar / Alter as a series gives space for those alterations to take place, provides opportunities to explore them in community, to learn from each other and to deepen our understanding of altars and the roles they play in our lives.

It’s running from June 10 to June 16 at The Cherry Pit, with an opening event “First Offering” to take place at Madrona Beach and The Cherry Pit on June 9.

I’m very excited to have helped curate this event alongside Eric Acosta, Amy Hirayama, and Denny Stern, who were all connected to Reflexive Assembly. The artists and presenters we’ve invited are fantastic and I look forward to conducting a very unique performance as well.