An Upcoming Poetry Workshop by Me: Integrating Field Recordings, Photos, & Video into Poetry (6/1/24)

This is one of my first poetry workshops in the United States, happening at the first ever Inland Poetry Salon, and I’m happy to be included thanks to Sharma Shields and the Spokane Public Library.

“In this presentation, writer Greg Bem will discuss his mixed media practice and how it relates to contemporary eco-poetics. Refined over many years of hiking and exploring the wilderness in the Northwest, Greg’s practice—capturing field recordings, still images, and video—can help form the poem while also defining our relationship to the land, to natural systems and ecologies, and to ecological imperatives. This workshop will inspire other local writers to find ways to deepen their relationship with the natural world throughout the Inland Northwest.”

In this workshop I’ll be finally able to speak to my ongoing practice with integrating various media into the text of my poetry. This will be a big experiment and one I’m very psyched about.

The workshop will be at and around the Liberty Park Library on June 1, 2024, from 1-1:50pm. I’m personally hoping it hails or graupels.

Read the full description and learn more here.