Announcing Carbonation #002: Echoes Lost to Wind by Chath pierSath

After months of work, I’m excited to announce the next Carbonation Press release.

It’s been a lot of work, but the poetry collection is here. From the official description:

“In his latest collection, the Cambodian-American poet Chath pierSath delves into the intricate relationship between the external and the intimate. A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, this is a poetry transcending boundaries and embracing the fullness of life. From public moments to inward reflections, from pride to joy and anger, pierSath’s poetry balances across space and emotion, offering poems of composure and ectasy, of revelation and proclamation.

“Moving through a world made cold and closed by the isolation of the COVID era, these poems invite you to explore the act of opening. Through his journey of sexuality and understanding connection, pierSath fearlessly delves into the sensual, presenting it in myriad manifestations that resonate from present to past, from the United States to Cambodia, with emotions that dance in between.”

Chath pierSath’s newest collection of poetry can be purchased in person in Spokane, Washington and Bolton, Massachusetts, or via for $15.00. In the near future the book will be available through most major online booksellers.