My Book Reviews of 2016

Greg Bem: Shot of Ebey's Landing

Here’s a list of all the book reviews I’ve written and published in 2016.

Upcoming reviews:

  • Memory Cards: Thomas Traherne Series by Susan M. Schultz (Talisman House, 2016) via Rain Taxi
  • Eigenface by Lissa Wolff (Tin Fish Press, 2016) via Queen Mob’s in September, 2016
  • in field latin by Lutz Seiler (Seagull Books, 2016) via Queen Mob’s in September, 2016
  • Stone Bride Madrigals by Nicolette Wong (Corrupt Press, 2013) via (TBD)
  • Irreverent Poems for Pretentious People by Henrik Hoeg (Proverse Hong Kong, 2016) via (TBD)
  • Wonderland: Stories by Samuel Ligon with art by Stephen Knezovich (Lost Horse Press, 2016) via (TBD)