Dunn Gardens: New Media (Silent Video, Music Video, Full Album, Split Album)

After some toiling across software platforms, I have finalized another project: Dunn Gardens (2021). This project includes the following:

  • Two full videos on YouTube: a silent video featuring original footage revealing the transitions of flowers from black and white to color; the same video with an added auditory bonus of an original composition of noise/music/etc.
  • Two iterations of the audio track posted on Bandcamp: an album as one track and an album as split tracks. Splitting up the tracks follows in the footsteps of other sound artists I admire, and is the first time I’ve decided to craft smaller somethings out of a larger, original something else in Ableton.

For fun, here are the still images used in the track images in Bandcamp, screenshots from the video revealing the black and white beginnings of each flower shot:

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