Hydrologica is now available on Bandcamp.

My latest project is complete, and it’s noisy.

You’ll find this 30 minute album, another sound collage, right here on Bandcamp.

Hydrologica has been nearly a year in the making. It was first conceived and outlined back in December 2022 during a retreat at Friday Harbor Labs. Featuring a combination of field recording on the preserve and some active research on intimacy in field recording, this project was particularly enjoyable to work on in its early days. Sadly, through a whirlwind of life events, I lost the project and didn’t work on it until about three months ago. The half year + that it took to revisit caused some significant alterations and reconceptualization, but I finally got to a “stopping point” yesterday.

Note that it is a very noisy album, one that doesn’t have distinct sub-tracks, and one that brings the field recordings into new spaces with heavy editing. If you aren’t into ambient, drone, or noise genres, you may find it difficult to listen to. Otherwise, it might be pretty “lightweight.” Regardless of your preferences, I invite you to give it a try. Skip around a little. See the ins and outs of this water-based project. More information can be found in the description on Bandcamp.