New Artist’s Bio

Greg Bem is a multidisciplinary, individual and collaborative artist whose poetry and other creative works are rooted in place.Bem has been involved in event curation as both designer and contributing artist. Bem focuses on bodies of poems integrating into serial photography publication, and he constantly looks for unique spaces to reveal his comments on society. Recent projects include Ghost Tokens: Inumbrating Pinnacle, involving the invitation of diverse artists to comment on Seattle development from beneath the Space Needle, with a summarizing chapbook published in response; Tukwila Revealed, part of the Duwamish Revealed project, which involved 11 hours and over two dozen artists sharing their work from the banks of the Duwamish; and Cambodia Bladed, a series of black and white photographs and prose poems reflecting on the experience of transience as a temporary expat in urban and rural Cambodia. Bem’s latest interests include his citizenship and residency in South Seattle.