New Music and Video: Biscayne

A still image from a black and white video of Biscayne Bay

In what has become a new 2021 tradition, I have completed my next video and music work, though I hesitate to call it a “music video.” Relying on Komplete Kontrol’s Mikro Prism, and a ton of effects, I have found a certain harmony with the noise I’m turning up. I suppose harmony in this regard concerns my own mental well-being, and the joy I get out of arrangement/composition and listening after the fact. It has always been my goal to create tracks that resonate with me after, that are akin to what I would want to listen to in the genre. I get closer.

The audio track can be found on my Bandcamp page here.

As for the video, it is hopefully the last video I have to create using Premiere. I have a HitFilm app installed and rearing to go for the next project. The footage is taken directly from Biscayne Bay, located in/adjacent to Miami, Florida. In perhaps the most non-Biscayne way possible, I have used certain mesmerizations to illuminate patterns and restlessness of this shallow waterscape.

The video can be found on YouTube here, and is also below.