New Music and Video: Waves Track

Waves Track Screenshot

My continuation continues. It persists. The audio, the derangement, the seeking. In “Waves Track,” I continue the ongoing intensities I encountered in “Cloud Track,” but this time I have gone further, dived deeper, made my mania clearer.

“Waves Track” can be watched via the music video below, which features three clips overlaid in a subtle but entrancing intention. The three clips were all recorded from a recent trip to Rialto Beach, on the Olympic Peninsula.

As with “Cloud Track,” “Waves Track” is on Bandcamp. The description says it all (or nothing):

“Inspired by Merzbow, Sonic Youth, Oneohtrix Point Never, with a general nostalgia for noise and industrial.”

Watch the music video on YouTube, in a soothing 1080p, below.