New Poem: Humidity Returns

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Humidity returns.

The faces of the suffering

more universal in this stick.

One line becomes many.

Hydra, hydrate, evolution of tolerance.


I feel many places at once.

Or I am many at once.

Bianca on her personalities:

“We manage each other well.”


From photography to a littered current,

the voices that speak to themselves

through the haze of the pause . . .


It sits ritualistic in carbon, granite,

brick exponentially attuned.


The universal suffering isn’t universal.

Turn the colonizer’s neutrality off.


Bearing down through smoky essence of tourist

the church bells ring, sticky with rotten egg smell.


I never wanted to believe in a history,

which is why I fled to the ahistoric frontier

where only mountains and their dying glaciers

can speak and know the true stories.