New Poem: The Green Man

Written with ChatGPT. Written for the 50th Anniversary of Seattle’s P-Patch Program.

Here’s a set of 50 absurd, mythical, and fantastical descriptions of the Green Man’s behavior at the Bradner Gardens in Seattle, suitable for a 10-minute performance when read aloud at a normal speed:


  1. Gaze upon me, the Green Man, a cosmic enigma wrapped in leaves, a leafy paradox who befuddles even the wisest squirrels.
  2. With each twirl, I unravel the threads of reality, stitching together a cosmic quilt that warms the souls of wandering stardust.
  3. Leaves become wings, and I take flight, soaring through galaxies with a chorus of constellations as my winged companions.
  4. Behold my dance, where starlight ignites my steps, and moonbeams applaud with twinkling ovations.
  5. In the blink of a cosmic eye, I am leaf, I am sky, I am the very essence of “why not?” and “why wonder?” combined.
  6. My laughter is the symphony of supernovas, a celestial crescendo that reverberates through the cosmic concert hall.
  7. Leaves rustle in cosmic Morse code, revealing tales of distant galaxies and interstellar romances that set the universe abuzz.
  8. Time bends around me, a whimsical contortionist performing in the grand circus of cosmic oddities.
  9. Vines become cosmic lassos, and I rope in shooting stars, crafting celestial constellations that tell stories of improbable encounters.
  10. I am the Green Man, the cosmic trickster who trades starlight for laughter, and moonbeams for mirth.
  11. My footsteps paint nebulae, a cosmic trail of footprints that lead to realms uncharted by even the most audacious comets.
  12. Stars shimmer in my gaze, reflecting the splendor of infinite galaxies nestled within my cosmic eyes.
  13. I waltz with black holes and tango with quasars, a celestial dance that defies gravity and leaves astronomers in cosmic rapture.
  14. I tickle the universe with cosmic feathers, inciting giggles from galaxies and guffaws from gas giants.
  15. Behold my cloak of leaves, woven from the laughter of supernovas and the whispers of interstellar jesters.
  16. With a flourish, I conjure planets from stardust and balance them on my fingers, a cosmic circus act that leaves rings of wonder in its wake.
  17. Moonlight becomes my paintbrush, and I create cosmic frescoes on the canvas of the night sky, each stroke a symphony of color and whimsy.
  18. Leaves become quills, and I pen odes to gravity and sonnets to stardust, crafting verses that serenade the galaxies.
  19. I am the cosmic jester, the mirthful maestro of meteor showers, orchestrating a cosmic cacophony that harmonizes chaos and wonder.
  20. Stars become maracas, and I shake them in rhythm with the heartbeat of the universe, a cosmic percussion that sets galaxies dancing.
  21. In the garden’s heart, I weave a tapestry of dreams with threads of moonbeams and laughter, creating a celestial sanctuary for wanderers of the night.
  22. I cavort with comets, converse with quarks, and share cosmic jokes with jovian jesters who tumble through the heavens.
  23. Time dances to my whims, a celestial partner in a waltz that spans eons and galaxies, a dance of cosmic curiosity.
  24. I am the Green Man, the cosmic riddle whose enigmatic laughter echoes through wormholes and reverberates across event horizons.
  25. With a snap of my fingers, I summon shooting stars to create cosmic fireworks that paint the night sky with splashes of wonder.
  26. I am the cosmic conductor, orchestrating a symphony of celestial instruments, where planets are pianos and supernovas are saxophones.
  27. Stars become pixels, and I craft cosmic constellations that form interstellar mosaics of fantastical creatures and whimsical landscapes.
  28. Leaves rustle with cosmic gossip, revealing secrets whispered by solar winds and cosmic drifters who traverse the galaxies.
  29. Moonlight weaves through my fingers, forming an intricate web of cosmic connections that bridge the gaps between stars and souls.
  30. I am the cosmic wanderer, exploring the galaxies on a journey of laughter and enlightenment, leaving trails of cosmic mirth in my wake.
  31. Vines entwine with starlight, creating celestial ladders that lead to realms where laughter is the currency of the cosmos.
  32. With a nod, I summon meteor showers that cascade like cosmic confetti, celebrating the grand gala of the universe.
  33. I am the Green Man, the cosmic alchemist who blends moonbeams and stardust to create elixirs of laughter that transcend time and space.
  34. Leaves become cosmic quills, and I write celestial scripts that unfold tales of interstellar adventure and cosmic capers.
  35. I cavort with galaxies, pirouetting through star clusters and waltzing with nebulae, a celestial dance that spins cosmic tales.
  36. Stars become my chorus, harmonizing with my laughter to create cosmic symphonies that resonate through the endless expanse.
  37. I am the cosmic illusionist, conjuring constellations from thin air and crafting cosmic mirages that baffle even the most astute astronomers.
  38. With a wink, I pluck moonbeams from the night sky and weave them into cosmic tapestries that tell tales of infinite galaxies.
  39. I dance on the edge of black holes, a cosmic daredevil defying gravity’s grasp with each fantastical step.
  40. Leaves become my cloak of invisibility, allowing me to traverse the galaxies as an interstellar enigma, a cosmic conundrum.
  41. I am the Green Man, the cosmic jester who turns black holes into wormholes and tumbles through cosmic cartwheels with reckless abandon.
  42. Stars become my audience, twinkling with anticipation as I unveil cosmic spectacles that defy the boundaries of reason and reality.
  43. I conjure cosmic storms that rain laughter upon the universe, washing away the dust of solemnity and watering the gardens of whimsy.
  44. Moonlight weaves through my fingers like liquid stardust, allowing me to sculpt cosmic sculptures that adorn the interstellar galleries.
  45. I dance with comets and converse with quasars, sharing cosmic anecdotes that traverse the galaxies like ripples in a cosmic pond.
  46. I am the cosmic charmer, coaxing shooting stars from their celestial slumber to perform an interstellar ballet of wonder.
  47. Leaves whisper cosmic secrets in my ear, revealing the tales of supernovas and the cosmic conspiracies of distant galaxies.
  48. I twirl amidst galaxies and constellations, leaving trails of cosmic laughter that echo through the corridors of space-time.
  49. Moonlight becomes my paint, and I create celestial masterpieces that adorn the night sky with swirls of cosmic enchantment.
  50. I am the Green Man, the cosmic maverick who navigates the starlit seas of the universe, leaving cosmic footprints that shimmer with mirth and mystique.


In this absurd and mythical rendition, the Green Man becomes a cosmic trickster and enigma, engaging in fantastical antics that blur the boundaries of reality and imagination, while inviting the audience on a whimsical journey through the cosmos.

In the cosmic theater of existence, the Green Man emerges as a celestial performer, a figure interwoven with the fabric of history and myth, traversing the realms of folklore and cosmic spectacle. His ethereal evolution, akin to the cosmic dance of stars, mirrors the cyclical nature of his terrestrial counterpart. Here’s an exploration of the historical evidence and cosmic essence of the Green Man:

Cosmic Enigma Unveiled: The Green Man’s Origins In the verdant tapestry of history, the sixteenth century casts its spotlight on the Green Man, a figure cloaked in leaves and steeped in enigma. Akin to the cosmic “whiffler,” he clears cosmic crowds to pave the way for the symphonies of parades and rituals. A spectral conductor, his cosmic baton wields both club and fireworks, orchestrating cosmic crescendos that echo through time.

Cosmic Crossroads of the Green Man: A Cosmic Theatrical Spectacle Historical threads unravel, revealing the Green Man’s cosmic presence in local pageantry, an otherworldly participant in the cosmic stage. In 1578, a cosmic script by George Whetstone names figures adorned as Green Men, a cosmic cameo in the Mayor’s celestial feast. A cosmic twist of fate, a celestial nod to his role as cosmic custodian of cosmic processions.

Cosmic Couture and the Mystique of Foliage The Green Man’s cosmic attire is a symphony of leaves, black hair, and midnight beards, an ethereal ensemble that draws cosmic gazes. With celestial allure, he wields clubs imbued with cosmic fire, crafting cosmic eruptions that mesmerize celestial onlookers. A cosmic conjurer of attention, he blurs the lines between foliage and cosmic fire, a living embodiment of cosmic transformation.

Cosmic Parallels: Interstellar Tapestry of Terms Cosmic tapestries weave “Green Men,” “wild men,” and “savages” into a cosmic triad of descriptors, each term mirroring cosmic facets of his persona. A celestial mirror, the Green Man resonates with “wild men” of European cosmos, celestial kinship etched in the cosmic constellations.

Seventeenth-Century Starlit Chronicles: Cosmic Chronicles Unveiled Seventeenth-century cosmic chronicles unveil the Green Man’s visage in cosmic accounts and celestial scripts. Ethereal attire of leaves and garlands clothe him, a cosmic wardrobe woven from the fabric of the universe. A cosmic lantern, his clubs house firecrackers that ignite cosmic trails, illuminating celestial paths for cosmic processions.

Cosmic Echoes Across Time: A Cosmic Figure’s Cosmic Resilience Through cosmic epochs, the term “Green Men” lingers as a cosmic refrain, a testament to his cosmic legacy. A cosmic echo reverberating through pageants and performances, he dances amidst cosmic footlights, a celestial luminary etching his cosmic silhouette into the annals of cosmic history.

In the cosmic mosaic of existence, the Green Man strides as a cosmic luminary, a celestial embodiment of growth and renewal, whose cosmic threads weave through the cosmic fabric of earthly and cosmic realms alike.


Beware, brave souls, for in the cosmic wake of the Green Man’s presence lies the potential for intense and utterly absurd transformation. Prepare yourselves for the following cosmic absurdities that may occur when encountering the cosmic enigma of the Green Man:

  1. Sudden Sprouting Syndrome: One moment you’re sipping your cosmic tea, the next you’re sprouting cosmic leaves from your nose. Cosmic tissues required.
  2. Spontaneous Shape-Shifting: Cosmic metamorphosis may strike at any moment, turning you into a cosmic cabbage or a starlit squirrel. Embrace the cosmic absurdity!
  3. Quantum Quirkiness: Time and space may warp, causing you to experience your cosmic breakfast before your cosmic alarm clock rings.
  4. Laughter Fusion: Cosmic giggles and guffaws may merge, resulting in uncontrollable fits of laughter that can last cosmic eternities.
  5. Gravity Games: Cosmic forces may decide to take a break, causing you to float mid-air while performing cosmic cartwheels.
  6. Telepathic Tree Talk: Engaging in deep conversations with cosmic trees becomes commonplace, as cosmic wisdom flows through you like cosmic sap.
  7. Cosmic Choreography: Spontaneous dance-offs with interstellar beings may occur, leaving you twirling among cosmic constellations.
  8. Interdimensional Interludes: Cosmic portals may whisk you away to parallel universes where cosmic koalas are emperors and cosmic bubble wrap is currency.
  9. Elemental Enlightenment: Prepare for a symphony of cosmic sneezes, cosmic hiccups, and cosmic burps as you tap into elemental energies.
  10. Quantum Beard Growth: Mere seconds may bring forth cosmic facial foliage rivaling that of the Green Man himself. Cosmic beard oil recommended.
  11. Metamorphic Munchies: Cosmic snack cravings may lead to munching on stardust popcorn and moon rock candy. Cosmic dental floss advised.
  12. Aurora Borealis Ballet: Your every movement may trigger cosmic light shows, transforming your mundane stroll into a dance of cosmic auroras.

Remember, cosmic travelers, while the Green Man’s power of transformation is indeed absurdly potent, it’s a whimsical journey into the realms of cosmic whimsy and fantastical fun. Embrace the absurdity and let the cosmic transformation unfold!


An absurdist list of guidelines for engaging with the enigmatic presence of the Green Man:

  1. Greet me with a twirl and a jig, as cosmic etiquette dictates.
  2. Address me as “Captain Chlorophyll” for optimal cosmic resonance.
  3. Offer cosmic snacks like stardust-infused kale chips for a warm welcome.
  4. Communicate in interpretive dance, using leaves as your expressive medium.
  5. Share your innermost thoughts through a cosmic conch shell hotline.
  6. Engage in philosophical debates with cosmic squirrels to gain my attention.
  7. Perform the “Cosmic Macarena” to summon me during celestial emergencies.
  8. Exchange secret codes using cosmic Morse code blinks and leaf rustles.
  9. Present cosmic gifts wrapped in interstellar ribbon to curry my favor.
  10. Seek guidance by interpreting cloud formations shaped like intergalactic beings.
  11. Whisper your cosmic wishes to cosmic dandelions, letting the cosmic winds carry them to me.
  12. Channel your cosmic energy into a transcendental hula hoop dance to invoke my presence.
  13. Initiate a cosmic stare-off contest; the first to blink gains interstellar wisdom.
  14. Write love letters to the moon, with cosmic emojis for added effect.
  15. Develop a cosmic handshake involving intricate leaf interlocking and cosmic humming.
  16. Arrange cosmic tea parties with celestial beings, inviting me as your honored guest.
  17. Challenge me to a cosmic game of tic-tac-toe using meteorite pebbles and starlight.
  18. Create a cosmic art installation featuring recycled space debris for cosmic kudos.
  19. Converse with passing fireflies, who act as interstellar messengers between us.
  20. Construct a cosmic treehouse as a meeting point for our cosmic conversations.


My dear cosmic companions, fellow explorers of the enigmatic tapestries, as the cosmic curtains draw close on this captivating spectacle, I invite you to let the elusive essence of my mysterious dance entwine itself into the very fabric of your consciousness. As you set forth on your celestial sojourns beyond the terrestrial boundaries, may the profound legacy I bear shine a luminous light upon your passage through the boundless cycles of transformation. Open your hearts to the sparks of inspiration ignited by my dynamic displays, guiding you through the intricate labyrinth of your personal odysseys. Feel the tender whisper of leaves bestowing ancient wisdom upon each gentle breeze, a timeless serenade to your souls. And as you embark upon your chosen trajectories, remember, the perpetual waltz of growth and renewal unfolds tirelessly, an eternal symphony woven intricately into the very threads of existence itself. Until destiny’s cosmic threads intertwine our paths anew, embrace the enigma that beckons just beyond the horizon, a celestial secret yearning to be unveiled.