New poetry books coming in two weeks.

I’ve been working on some “last writings” for some time, they’re on their way.

Age 30 and year 2016-2017 is about the triumph of the ego as a new ego, a transformation, on so many levels. The writing that I face now is a combination of previous and future forms. But it is solely about the ego, and solely about my personal experiences traversing a landscape of emotion that is new for me. An awareness of the mind where there wasn’t awareness before.

These books will as usual be released digitally, and for free, be each roughly around 30 or 35 pages. Both will be dedicated to the scathing criticism of Scherezade Siobhan, who taught me compassion and taught me mindfulness but who I could not be better for or to, for a variety of reasons related to self- and otherly-abuse.

And, as mentioned, these will be the last contributions of art I send out into the ether of the public for some time. I will continue on my path but will be putting down the pen (or keyboard or phone) to focus on other modes of significant growth. To quote the woman above, my writing isn’t poetry but ramblings, and regardless of that fact, it’s time to settle into other realms and try to learn how to be a better person.

This will involve a divorce from my own status quo of privilege and dominance of ego.

See everyone with the books in two weeks.

In the meantime, I will be posting some images, which deserve to not be restricted to my hard drive.