Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 10

This post recaps my tenth day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break. Technically this final day was spent in South Korea.

An eight-hour layover in Seoul? Who would have thought! Having previously participated in the free city tours the airport offers (which are awesome, by the way), I felt drawn to exploring Seoul a little bit in this surprising free time. Instead of doing the tour, though, I felt comfortable enough to try and explore on my own. It was a fruitful adventure, and though perhaps I would have seen more via the tour, I definitely encountered plenty in my exhausted state. First there’s the the train station at Incheon Airport:

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01316 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01317  cambodia0317pt10 DSC01321

If you factor in the free shower I took when I arrived to the airport (a life saver!) and the process of leaving the airport, that left me with only about 6 hours left. Factor in arriving back to the airport with an hour or two to get to my gate and that’s around 4 hours of actual time outside the airport–nothing too crazy, of course. I also had no game plan; but on the train there was free WiFi the entire time, so it made it really easy to figure out I could see a few things in the Hongdae neighborhood, a trendy shopping and bar area equivalent to a university district. It would be late morning, and the resulted in a bunch of emptiness, but it livened up a bit before I left.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01324 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01325 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01326

Admittedly, a lot of the food looked amazing; but it also looked way too much for one person, and filled with meat.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01327 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01328

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01330

Thanks to old fashioned blog posts like this one, I was able to find a few places to visit in addition to my strolling. One of those places is the Hello Kitty Cafe, which was almost entirely empty (there were a couple of girls, probably Korean tourists, taking selfies) which made the experience even more surreal.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01329

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01331 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01332 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01333 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01334 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01335 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01336 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01337 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01338

My Hello Kitty Green Tea Latte.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01339

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01342 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01343 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01344 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01345

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01346 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01347 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01348

One of the key qualities of the Hongdae neighborhood: density. There are just an incredible number of businesses all crammed into one place. I imagine if I was to revisit at night it would be completely different and equally overwhelming with the number of bodies walking these streets; but for a quiet morning, it was intense enough!

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01349

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01350 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01351 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01352 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01353 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01354  cambodia0317pt10 DSC01356 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01357 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01358 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01359 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01360 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01361 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01362 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01363 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01364

The second of three destinations? The Natural Cafe, which features live sheep that can be “enjoyed” while one enjoys their beverage. Sadly, I guess, the sheep were being sheered, so there was no way to sit with them. That said, I was still very caffeinated from the Hello Kitty, so I used the lack of sitting opportunity to take a few photos and get out of there.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01365 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01366  cambodia0317pt10 DSC01368 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01369 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01371 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01372 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01374 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01376 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01378

More walking around–this time in search of a ramen restaurant, that ended up being closed.

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01379

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01380 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01381 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01382

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01383

Not like I needed more sweet, caffeinating things in my life, but it appeared like that was the name of the game for this neighborhood during the daylight hours. I ended up stopping by, before heading back to the airport, Coco Bruni, a cafe similar to Chocolati or Fran’s here in Seattle. The mocha was astounding and the chocolates were top class. If only they had a branch out here . . .

cambodia0317pt10 DSC01384 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01385 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01386 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01387 cambodia0317pt10 DSC01389  cambodia0317pt10 DSC01391

Following this experience, I ended up taking the hour-long train back to the airport, getting some lunch, and then boarded for the USA, beyond exhausted. The trip was incredible though incredibly short. My only regret is not having been out there longer, this time!

There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 9, and the last day in Cambodia. The last post? My eight-hour layover in South Korea.