Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 4

This post recaps my fourth day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break.

The only full day on Koh Rong Samloem started with a relatively slow start. James had already been out and about taking photos while I took my sweet time. #HolidayLifeIsForSlacking



DSC00947 DSC00948 DSC00949

Despite my best intentions, I found a stern look in the eyes of the camera. Perhaps the lack of quality coffee was keeping me looking a bit serious?


Still, you don’t get much more paradise than this!

DSC00951 DSC00952

#HolidayInCambodia Christmas gift?


If there’s one thing that doesn’t ever subside, it’s construction on islands.


The local village, seemingly stable, seemingly in a state of transition.


Another foot shot.


One dog lifting the other up by the ear. Had never seen that before!

DSC00957 DSC00958

The view from the most central point of “23.”


The standard array of condiments: chili sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, hot sauce, more chili sauce. Salt, honey, chili sauce, and pepper.


Breakfast of Champions? Double fisting a coffee with fresh (not condensed) milk, and a fruit shake with condensed (not fresh) milk.

DSC00962 DSC00963

DSC00966  DSC00968 DSC00969

The restaurant from which we had ordered our breakfasts:

DSC00971 DSC00972

Signs like the following are actually all over the place in Cambodia, which is a bit sad, because it distinctly reeks of “foreigner.” In my dreams, I envision something comparable but with all locations being within Cambodia, and maybe the neighboring countries.


This hostel/bungalow lodging was mostly tent-based. The giant room on the other side of this sign was more like a warehouse, open-aired, with about five tents inside, as well as an array of open-air plus mosquito net sleeping pads. A cool concept, which I’d love to try someday, when I have less concerns about maintaining appearances.


We had scheduled a boat trip for snorkeling for the afternoon–well, it’s the daily boat trip that some Australian dude, probably around age 55, manages (kind of). We asked him and an American woman, presumably his partner, about things we could do in the morning until the boat trip happened. We were advised to trek over to Clearwater Bay/Beach, which involved walking in the water around part of the island, and then taking a forest trail, and then getting to the beach, which contains only a single set of bungalows. Seemed easy enough for us “adventurer types.” The following shots are from the journey, which took about 1.25 hours each way, and which was that moment in time before, during, and after an incredibly intense body-sized sunburn.

DSC00975  DSC00977 DSC00978 DSC00979

A Buddhist hut featuring . . . mounds of clay? I’m assuming they are sacred mounds, which have been shaped into spiritual beings . . . James had little explanation for me.


“Is it a rock from outer space?” – James

DSC00981 DSC00982 DSC00983 DSC00984 DSC00985 DSC00986 DSC00987 DSC00988

More foreigner. :/ It was more like visiting some kind of armpit-flavored anti-Disney than remote Cambodia, but I suppose my-being-American makes me part of the problem, eh?

DSC00989 DSC00990 DSC00991 DSC00992

I think this is a textbook image of “camouflage.”

DSC00993  DSC00995 DSC00996 DSC00997 DSC00998 DSC00999 DSC01000 DSC01001 DSC01002

Technically speaking, Clearwater has one set of bungalows (called Driftwood) and one dock, presumably for those travelers who don’t want to walk through the ocean and the forest to get to this relatively remote beach.

DSC01003 DSC01004

Celebration beer, celebration dried beef, and celebration onset sunburn.


It’s hard to tell in these images, but the sand, which looks brown, was actually  a very light gray mixed with carrot-colored orange.

DSC01006 DSC01007 DSC01008

20170327_104907 20170327_104955

DSC01009 DSC01010 DSC01011

Pro-tip: don’t buy the organic sunscreen on Amazon that has SPF so high you think it’s going to solve all your problems and then ends up turning you into a tribal warrior.

DSC01012 DSC01013 DSC01014

After an hour or so at the beach, an hour and a quarter walking back, we rested up, showered, and then waited for an epic boat trip. A very cute dog visited us during this period.




20170327_140239 20170327_141229_HDR 20170327_141233_HDR

Said boat trip resulted in 1) epic snorkeling; 2) beach-side lounging on Lazy Beach; and 3) a nasty gash on my big toe, but also beautiful pictures. After, we wound up back at the Sunset Bungalows for our final evening before our head back to mainland. The weather was cool and perfect, and I found myself doing little to nothing on the hammock.

20170327_144054 20170327_144059 20170327_145143 20170327_152527 20170327_152533 20170327_175328 20170327_175331 20170327_180450

DSC01015  DSC01020 DSC01022  DSC01025

Hello sunburn, my old friend.


There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 4.