Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 5

This post recaps my fifth day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break.

Beaten by the sun, but with a drive to get back to the mainland, we packed up and then went to wait for the boat, which, similar to the traditional minibus experience, could come anytime in the late morning. So we had to sit, and wait. Not like waiting and relaxing is that much of a problem, when you have the shade to help. Also: dogs, to distract. This was a stand-off that didn’t result in any fights, and I wish I had not been so lazy as to sit in my chair the entire time, but I also didn’t want to get in the way of these two growling beasts.

DSC01034 DSC01035 DSC01036 DSC01037

20170328_080429_HDR 20170328_080451_HDR  20170328_081535



Moments before one of the two dogs urinated on it:

DSC01039 DSC01040 DSC01041

Obligatory “waiting for the boat” selfie.

DSC01042 DSC01043

Fast-forward to the coast. We made it back on a boat that had no more stops. The choppy waters made us pretty much ill the entire way, and it was hot, as usual, and we treated ourselves upon arrival to one final experience before James was to head back to Phnom Penh: visiting Sandan for drinks and dessert. I believe the drink I got, pictured below, is the “Tom Yum Cocktail.”

DSC01044 DSC01045

James got, I think, a mango-flavored drink, which ended up not being very sweet, much to his disdain.



The desserts, classic Khmer dishes turned fancy, were indeed fancy, and beautiful, and delicious. This black sticky rice had a ginger-flavored ice cream that made my mouth very, very happy.


Our other dessert, which has a very popular Khmer name that I’m currently forgetting, was served with fresh mango and grated coconut. Also above and beyond “delicious.”

DSC01050 DSC01051 DSC01052

This was the last shot I took before James headed back. Actually, technically he drove me on his moto (which we had retrieved without any issue) to my “Relax Bungalows” in Otres Beach, which is located just down the road by about 15-2o minutes. It would have cost a bit to take transit there, so I’m grateful for his help, especially with all the crap we had to carry! After dropping me off and after I had time to unwind, I ended up taking a brief walk on the beach. The mushroom place, which is known for its pizza, I believe had magic cookies, but, despite my best intentions, I was about to get food poisoning and that would prohibit me from any forays into psychedelia.


One of only a few squalor pictures I took on this trip.


The beach, Otres Beach, is really long, really undeveloped, and really empty. It’s a jewel that most likely won’t stay unnoticed for much longer.

DSC01055 DSC01056

An absurd floating water park. The ticket station to get permission to use the park was run by foreigners, sadly.


On Google Maps this building is called “The Lighthouse,” but I’m not exactly sure what its function really is. I like the wall art, though. There were a group of Cambodians hanging out directly next to it, and I saw one person emerge from within, but who knows what exactly is going on there. Its placement is pretty surreal.


After taking the walk on the beach, which was mostly about me walking and meditating, and not taking pictures, I ended up going back to the hotel and passing out promptly. I was awoken around 8pm by heavy rain and eventually, around 9, ventured outside in search of food, but with almost zero lighting on the roads, and everything the thick, stereotypical orange mud, I decided to skip dinner and call it a night so I could get an early-ish rise.

20170328_160704 20170328_160708 20170328_171602_HDR 20170328_171912_HDR 20170328_172729_HDR 20170328_172734 20170328_175119

20170328_175130 20170328_175141

There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 5.