Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 7

This post recaps my seventh day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break.

Sadly I didn’t take any photos with my camera on this day, but I did manage to snap a few, in my food-addled-stomach-condition. First, an image of a bumper on a concrete mixer “SLEEP WITH ME FREE WIFI.”


Upon return to Phnom Penh, I met up with my dear friend Rath, previously one of my interns, and now working hard on getting environmental projects off the ground. I’m thankful she had even a couple hours to spend with me.


After a meal and a conversation, I found myself alone enjoying the delicious cupcakes of Bloom, flavored after Milo (the ultra popular instant chocolate beverage) and Sacher Torte (the ultra popular Austrian baked delight).


And what’s more, I joined my former colleague and dear, dear friend Pinkie for happy hour at Java Cafe. Seen below: a beautiful Strawberry Mojito, which only cost a couple of dollars.


Reading The Mekong Review, I encountered my old contact Chath PierSath, a Cambodian American painter and poet, whose work I’ve always admired.


Following happy hour and a visit to Pinkie’s place, she and I and her brother KC met a couple more friends at the Russian Market for Seafood BBQ.

20170330_200529 20170330_211013

Enjoying a moment with Claire (of WCS, formerly), KC, Boramy (my first Cambodian friend), Pinkie, and myself. Enjoyable despite how quick it happened!


After dinner, we all retreated, and I spent the night comfortable at Pinkie’s and KC’s place. It would be a long day of librarian training to follow.

There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 7.