Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 8

This post recaps my eighth day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break.

What happened to day 7, you might ask? Food poisoning happened. I ended up taking the bus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh, and then ended up meeting my friend Rath, and then got dinner with a bunch of friends before passing out at my friends’ home. The next day, I was to run/teach a full day long training for Cambodian librarians, at University of Cambodia. The training, which covered Community Leadership, Teaching and Instruction, and Providing Service, featured over 40 attendees and was streamed live on Facebook. Though, like other trainings I’ve run in Cambodia, it was not without problems, it did have a lot of positive response and overall I enjoyed the results as a 100% volunteer. The images below, which will go without description (except for the last image), are all from the training.

DSC01108 DSC01109 DSC01111 DSC01112 DSC01114 DSC01115 DSC01116 DSC01118 DSC01119 DSC01120 DSC01121 DSC01122 DSC01123 DSC01124 DSC01125 DSC01126 DSC01127 DSC01128 DSC01129 DSC01130 DSC01131 DSC01132 DSC01133 DSC01134 DSC01135 DSC01136 DSC01137 DSC01138 DSC01139 DSC01140 DSC01143 DSC01144 DSC01146

DSC01150 DSC01152 DSC01153 DSC01154

17362838_1690837024265771_7163441776496813943_n 17457313_1690836807599126_8906297357297565857_n 17457586_1690839150932225_6966588045646922532_n 17457609_1690839104265563_1342504510946550622_n 17457799_1690837254265748_2415055124380472298_n 17458152_1690837110932429_506452387691301406_n 17498463_1690838754265598_6109543422742776488_n 17498601_1690837337599073_8269236955609765307_n 17498643_1690841450931995_520459718522693668_n 17499257_1690836660932474_2052781709495146935_n 17499542_1690836397599167_3204170068486593463_n 17523105_1690840090932131_566688786684952497_n 17523184_1690840000932140_6150527706064961706_n 17553429_1690837130932427_2867580296275460863_n 17553696_1690837630932377_6719997127022834651_n 17553759_1690837417599065_251450530394018436_n 17554002_1690838964265577_175979167566098808_n 17554005_1690838650932275_8856528252856909150_n 17554098_1690836497599157_5843163044792058779_n 17554147_1690839950932145_606074719903543159_n 17554184_1690836434265830_7572605212086074641_n 17554232_1690836647599142_3539577354645111683_n 17554235_1690838310932309_4614562359993181123_n 17554439_1690838130932327_2639048656438063969_n 17554475_1690837217599085_8497110953671601395_n 17554480_1690836320932508_1875816495349207072_n 17626099_1690836950932445_8060771087506057924_n 17626120_1690838047599002_2089205669251190249_n 17626177_1690836994265774_3758464650300706973_n 17626281_1690839394265534_6715422592380446299_n 17626293_1690837817599025_3904683174687138653_n 17626297_1690837384265735_3982163789687572032_n 17626378_1690838277598979_4927836182204781998_n 17626462_1690839644265509_7316421137645635748_n 17626471_1690838290932311_196667946735717962_n 17626672_1690836697599137_5303535799384161466_n 17626694_1690837644265709_7872616755132379701_n 17629671_1690837190932421_4159123007185489857_n 17629721_1690837047599102_3299911145487954332_n 17629973_1690836327599174_6465346450426165012_n 17630015_1690840277598779_5079031672263924123_n 17630032_1690836820932458_4679068742214636794_n 17630037_1690837810932359_3663455810356704703_n 17634412_1690841630931977_711197243718856151_n 17634432_1690837654265708_4929643948420329931_n 17634438_1690838897598917_8149768593350844039_n 17634475_1690838717598935_5555505974656360525_n 17634764_1690841210932019_6699111066855211646_n IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746

Not to be overkill about it, but here are the cell phone pictures I took from throughout the day. First, the entrance to the beautiful University of Cambodia building:

20170331_074322 20170331_074358

Images of the school’s library (so bright; so clean!):

20170331_074525 20170331_074528 20170331_074530

And the training:

20170331_085912 20170331_085913 20170331_115607 20170331_115610

Some strange images from the lunch:


20170331_132833 20170331_141304 20170331_141310 20170331_141313 20170331_141318 20170331_141335 20170331_141341 20170331_143104 20170331_151227

And after the training, driving back to the center of the city and seeing this bumper label on a tuk tuk:


KC “delivering” my bag down to me from his apartment:


Attending a new Kbach Gallery opening:


Some of the works within:



20170331_183723 20170331_184122_HDR

Seflie on a moto: me and Sok Lak, an educator pioneer in Phnom Penh who helped organizer the training:


Getting food and beverage at Mango Mango, an expensive but enjoyable venue. We did not order the herbal pork brain soup.


This drink contained too much alcohol for anyone’s good:

20170331_195605 20170331_203341 20170331_203417 20170331_203440

Molika, the organizer of the training, joined us (see below) and we finished our drinks and headed back to the Jet Night Market (where my vacation started):



Molika a willing volunteer:

20170331_212747    20170331_213236

And later, before I went out dancing: some Khmer food for dinner.


And finally, the place I ended up staying that night: Feeling Home.


There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 8.