Photos: Cambodia Spring Break, 9

This post recaps my ninth day traveling back in Cambodia during this year’s Spring Break.

For my last day in Cambodia, and my penultimate day abroad, it was a time to catch-up. At this point, a lot of folks I had been corresponding with had finally wanted to meet up. It was Saturday, after all. The day started with a hard, hard rain. Though it’s disturbing that the typically-dry March and April were getting storms (an early rainy season), I was personally glad to have encountered the hard rain that kept people staying put, including myself. First we have a view from my boutique hotel room, with the delightfully powerful “GIRLY” signage (a shoe store) below.


I decided to meet my friend Ani at the new Starbucks Reserve, which was only a couple blocks away from where I was staying. It only took about 5 minutes to walk, in the rain, to the cafe.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01161 cambodia0317pt9DSC01163 cambodia0317pt9DSC01164

Wearing the bandanna to hide my terrible sunburn.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01165 cambodia0317pt9DSC01166

Because I had to check out of the hotel by noon, I only got a moment with Ani (and no picture) before having to head back. After checking out and storing my bags in their lobby (a lifesaver), I went to Joma Cafe where I met a new Singaporean acquaintance, Ash, who was introduced to me by a good friend from the last time I lived in Cambodia, Jialing. We ate coconut cake and a cinnamon bun before heading on a mission–to buy Cambodian coffee, which would be my premier gift for friends back in the States. Because it was rainy and because we had time to kill, we also spent some time taking photos at Wat Langka, where we encountered beautiful flowers and audible cats.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01167 cambodia0317pt9DSC01168 cambodia0317pt9DSC01170

cambodia0317pt9DSC01171 cambodia0317pt9DSC01172 cambodia0317pt9DSC01173 cambodia0317pt9DSC01174 cambodia0317pt9DSC01175 cambodia0317pt9DSC01176 cambodia0317pt9DSC01177 cambodia0317pt9DSC01178 cambodia0317pt9DSC01180 cambodia0317pt9DSC01181 cambodia0317pt9DSC01182 cambodia0317pt9DSC01183   cambodia0317pt9DSC01187 cambodia0317pt9DSC01190  cambodia0317pt9DSC01192  cambodia0317pt9DSC01194 cambodia0317pt9DSC01196 cambodia0317pt9DSC01197   cambodia0317pt9DSC01200 cambodia0317pt9DSC01201

After our photo op at the temple, we got the coffee (no worthwhile pictures in that endeavor), and then decided to get food at my old favorite–Street 63 Boat Noodle. We met my dear friend Kolap there, and we all ate. It was delicious, and I was exhausted, as was everyone else.


I put my plant-based diet beside myself and enjoyed the spectacle of a somewhat-South-America-looking piece of pork.


Ash, Kolap, and Greg:


After parting ways (it was too short! but so it goes), I was asked to return to Joma by my dear friend and former intern, Phalkun. We met and I had way too much coffee and we discussed a lot about our lives. We also took a few dozen selfies, but I’ll limit this post to just one:


Eventually it was time to part ways too, and I ended up meeting my dear friends Pinkie and KC at a cafe I had never been to, Dance, where we got drinks and talked. I hadn’t seen KC since 2015. Pinkie I saw last summer when she visited me in Seattle. Most of the following pics were taken by KC, who was in love with the new camera.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01223 cambodia0317pt9DSC01224  cambodia0317pt9DSC01228 cambodia0317pt9DSC01229  cambodia0317pt9DSC01234  cambodia0317pt9DSC01241 cambodia0317pt9DSC01243  cambodia0317pt9DSC01247  cambodia0317pt9DSC01249 cambodia0317pt9DSC01251 cambodia0317pt9DSC01254   cambodia0317pt9DSC01257

For some very strange reason, my soda water was served with two double shot glasses, one that had lime, and one that had ice. I made the most of it and took sips from each subsequently.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01262  cambodia0317pt9DSC01264  cambodia0317pt9DSC01266 cambodia0317pt9DSC01267 cambodia0317pt9DSC01268 cambodia0317pt9DSC01269  cambodia0317pt9DSC01271 cambodia0317pt9DSC01272 cambodia0317pt9DSC01274 cambodia0317pt9DSC01275 cambodia0317pt9DSC01276

20170401_102740 20170401_175025 20170401_175032_HDR 20170401_180903 20170401_181233

After Dance, we decided to get dinner–udon and soba noodles at Bekkan, a tiny and adorable Japanese restaurant only a couple roads away.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01278 cambodia0317pt9DSC01279 cambodia0317pt9DSC01280 cambodia0317pt9DSC01281 cambodia0317pt9DSC01282  cambodia0317pt9DSC01284  cambodia0317pt9DSC01286 cambodia0317pt9DSC01288  cambodia0317pt9DSC01291



cambodia0317pt9DSC01293   cambodia0317pt9DSC01296 cambodia0317pt9DSC01298  cambodia0317pt9DSC01300

Ani joined 🙂


And of course, there had to be dessert. So we treated ourselves to mochi+ice cream. With chocolate fondue. Indulge much?


Sometimes I think it might be fun to be a food photographer. Sometimes.

cambodia0317pt9DSC01306  cambodia0317pt9DSC01309

Our adios group selfie.


Fast forward: we used an app much like Lyft and ended up getting a ride to the airport in an SUV for only around $15. Mutual friend Kounila joined. 5 people to the airport in luxury for $15? Incredible.

20170401_222630 20170401_232213 20170401_232819

After our final drink and goodbye, exhausted and sweaty and sad to be leaving, I did the one thing I could to find stability: I visited the new Starbucks. Though I didn’t order anything, seeing that Starbucks meant I had seen all three that had opened in Phnom Penh. Perhaps my soul really is from Seattle.


But I’m not going to end the post, and the last moment of Cambodia, with an image of Starbucks. Instead: some fascinating art next to that swanky cafe.


There are approximately 10 days worth of photos. This has been day 9, and the last day in Cambodia. The last post? My eight-hour layover in South Korea.